Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1/5 - 1/11

Week 2 of scheduled training, this is where the true test/work begins. Anyone can string a week or 2 together! Consistancy is the true test!

Mon - 4:30pm - 7m (53:03) roads were pretty sloppy, to add to this it was pretty chilly out. Had to battle the elements solo today. Went for a reverse neighborhood 7, in hindsight bad choice. Has that nice climb but coming down the steep side with slick roads wasn't fun. 
7:30pm do to back in balance for a 1hr massage, overall feeling good still some tightness on my right side.

Tues - 5:20am - 3m (23:36) treadmill - I like to use these as a small progression in the morning and usually work down to 7min pace by the last mile. Good way to wake the body up.

5:15 pm - 7m (44:30) treadmill. Had all intentions of running outside this afternoon. Was home by 3:45, sent a quick text to Eric plan was he was out at 4. Boom! Someone to run with, or so I thought. Work happens haha. Needed to be outta the house by 620 for dinner. Treadmill was best option allows me to get the miles and watch the clock to ensure i wasn't late.

Wed- 5:20pm - 7m (51:29) treadmill. Man it was chilly out today, decided to stick indoors and keep it easy.

Thurs -5:40pm - 10+ (1:19:44) in Albany with a nice crew of people. Ran a few miles prior then covered a downtown loop. Was a nice and relaxed run.

Fri- 7pm - 10m (1:08:57) hung out till Eric got home and hit up a nice loop of back roads and neighborhoods. Around 36mins had a nice little fall / slide rounding a corner. Was able to catch myself mainly with my elbow, layed there for a minute laughing until a car stopped to make sure I was ok. The little things make for good time.

Sat - 11:30am - 15m (1:54:53) ran with KQ as she was doing 20. Did some loops in the neighborhoods and then a few out and backs. After about 90mins felt my left quad/groin tightening, finished the run and everything felt good.

Sun - Woke up and could hardly lift my leg, decided to take the day off and do some rehab to get my leg feeling better. Did some icing with the electro-stim followed by soaking in some Epsom salt. Seemed to loosen up pretty good, repeated the stim in the PM. Hoping to be feeling good enough to run tomorrow.

Summary - 59.5m slightly disappointed that I missed the run on Sunday. Felling really good with the training, but it was put in prospective while out to brunch with the Sunday crew. My goal race isn't for nearly 5 months, no need to push it at this point. Will hopefully be back to normal training very shortly.

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