Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/27 - 2/1

Injury update, clearly I can run with my leg the way it is and not make it worse. I'm hoping it will be fully healed soon to begin some workouts.

Mon - off - legs felt pretty good today, had a massage scheduled for 6pm which was going to cause for a rushed run. Decided to take a recovery day instead of rushing.

Tues - 6:15pm - 10m (82:37) - ran down to Jessy's house to pick her up for a snowy night run. Looped thru the neighborhoods and a few out and backs in the complex to get the distance. Wasn't to bad other then a few "knuckleheads" out playing in the snow, could always hear them before swing them as they where out drifting on the snowy roads. 

Wed -6:15pm - 7+ (50:23) waited for Macknight to get home, said some nonsense like out the door by 5? Hit up a nice quite loop and scoped out a new possible place for next year. Legs felt good. 

Thurs- 6pm - 9m (1:01:21) met up with a crew at UA we didn't a couple campus loops, myself and Macknight added on a state office loop to get the full planned time. Afterwards changed up in the parking lot and headed to the pour house for some brews and loaded Mac & cheese.

Fri - unplanned day off w/traveling home

Sat - 9:30am - 18m (2:09:45) met up with Alex for a run from his place. Wasn't to bad when the wind wasn't a factor. Was nice to get a good long run in and have someone to run with. Month total - 251m

Sun- Off - hip flexor pretty sore - travel day

Total - 44m 

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