Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12 - 1/18

Mon - 3m - if you can even count it. As per norm of any distance runner 1 partial day of my leg feeling a little better sure I think I can run. Made it maybe a mile before all the pain came back. Note to self don't be a dumb ass.

Tues- 0m continued with the rehab of the leg, pretty sore all day. Yesterdays run was a bad idea.

Wed- 0m feeling much better, did some more rehab but able to move around majority of the day with no discomfort.

Thurs- 0m this morning was the first time all week I've been able to get up with no soreness and get dressed with no issue. Will continue with rehab tonight and hope to run either tomorrow or Saturday!

Fri- 3.5m (23:30) 4:30pm - got in 2 new pairs of trainers and legs were feeling really good. Happy to be running.

Sat - 7.5m (53:33) 8:30am went down to albany for the pancake run. Ran with Gavs for the loop, legs felt good.

Sun - 7m (9am) ran the Thacher park trails with Michelle, trails were fairly packed down from all the snowshoers and XC-skiers. Made for a nice relaxing run. Followed it up with some breakfast before meeting with the realtor to look at some houses.

Summary - kind of a bummer week only was able to run 21m with the minor injury. Glad that seems to be in the rearv view now and can get back to training.

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