Sunday, October 30, 2016

10/24 - 10/30

Mon - Off - Traveling back from FL turned into a much longer day then planned, got home around 6pm and needed to go buy some food for the week.
Tues - 7+ (50:21) around town with Scott
Wed - 10m (Track) 4sets of 800/400 alternating, half rest. Met with Scott and Ricky in the AM to hit the track. Much cooler then last week and a bit more adjusted.
Times: 245/80/245/81/248/81/247/81
Thurs - 9m (1:09:30) thru the backside of town (I think) with Sasha. Still no clue how to navigate around town.
Fri - 9m (1:07:53) Met with Scott, Ricky and Marci. Nice to have a group to meet with in the morning.
Sat - 0 - Traveld to PA with my Mom to see my brothers Rugby game. Decided to travel back that night and forgo the run.
Sun - 10m (1:10:57) Met Coree at the Rockingham rail trail. Nice and relaxed on the trails.

Summary - 45m (5days) Good workout and felt good all week. Miles are still a bit low but nothing to much still getting the miles on the days I am able to run. With a few races coming up before a big gap in racing I'm in no rush to ramp them up until afterwards.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10/17 - 10/23

Mon - 6m (44:13) solo on the Charles before heading back to NH.
Tues - 0 moving stuff into the new place
Wed - 10m (track) 3xmile half rest - met Scott and Ricky at the track - still adjusting to these morning sessions. Today was a rough day - 545/611/602 just didn't have it, even with it going south I know I have to push through even bad workouts to get mentally stronger.
Thurs - 7+ (51:39) first run in the new area w/Scott
Fri - 10.5m (1:21:17) met Scott for an early run before traveling to FL. Legs have felt stuffing since Wednesday so I threw in 6 50-70 meter strides afterwards.
Sat - 5m (34:05) along the ocean front in Panama City, awesome weather and sweet views!
Sun - 0

Summary - 40m - a rough workout and not high miles but overall feeling good!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


mon - 10m (1:12:44) had the day off and went over to the Rockingham rail trail for an easy out and back.
Tues - 4+ (30:38) forgot shoes at home. Had to wait till pm (when I could get some) thankfully heartbreaks is right next door. Had to cramp a run to make an appointment for an apt showing.
Wed- 8m (track) 2x800/3x400/4x200 (half rest) used the indoor track again to help maintain focus
Times: 244/245/82/81/80/37/38/38/36
Thurs - 10m (1:12:04) Met with Scott and did some loops around town
Fri - 7+ (54:39) solo morning run
Sat - 0
Sun - 0

Summary - 39m - would have liked to run over the weekend I knew Saturday wasn't going to happen and Sunday I got caught up working on the truck before traveling home. Overall had a good workout and feeling good so I'll take it.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Memorial bridge 5k

Sunday October 9th - 4th annual Memorial bridge 5k. This morning was the memorial bridge 5k in Portsmouth NH, I arrived around 845am to pick up my number shortly after I met Coree for an easy warm up down to New Castle. The race starts over the bridge in Maine and crosses back over into Portsmouth quickly, as I approached the line I spotted Derek Hamel. I knew he was coming back from injury but wasn't sure how long he had been back, we caught up briefly before toeing the line. I opted to go with no watch and just compete, Derek advised me there was a sharp turn early in the race and with the rain we weren't sure how that would go. Once the gun went off I moved out to the front early, no one seemed to want to get out to quick. Around 1/2m in Derek pulled up with me and put a stride or two on me, we continued back and forth for the first 1+. He would pull away on the downs and on the flats, I was able to pull away on the climbs. Shortly after the mile there was a decent climb coming up I moved up on Derek's shoulder and wanted to push the climb to see if I could open a gap up, after the climb the course takes a quick right which gave me a chance to see what type of gap I was working with it seemed to be decent enough and I changed my focus to chasing the police cruiser leading the race. As the race headed back into downtown I knew the fire station was about 1/2m from the finish, I was feeling smooth and continued to push as I was approaching the fire station the quick thought came in that I had no clue where Derek was and hadn't heard anyone say anything of any cheering near by. As quickly as that crossed my mind I heard Derek exhale heavily and make a hard push past me, he opened up a quick gap I was fighting to find another gear and could tell the gap was slowly closing. I was trying to get back onto Derek's shoulder before the final turn but was unable to close the gap up, as I could see the final turn I noticed he made one more surge to reopen the gap. I crossed in 2nd overall in 16:49.

I was pretty surprised by the race, last week I felt completely out of place and wasn't sure what type of effort I truly put in but felt good about it. This race I felt smooth and strong on the climbs, I could tell I lacked a bit of speed on the flats and down hills which could have allowed me to wait a bit longer before making a move. It was also very nice to see Coree finish in 3rd overall in 17:08 (which is a nice PR for him) he's been working to get back into running and I think this was a nice confidence boost that the work he's putting in is worth it.

Overall - Happy with todays race its a nice step in the right direction and looking forward to continuing racing

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

10/3 - 10/9

With this being my first full week at MIT I have been testing some times to see what works best with the current commute and training.

Mon - pm - 9m (1:03:13) ran along the Charles and added some strides on the track to get the distance.
Tues - am - 7m (track) 3x2/2x4/8/2x4/3x2 (half rest)
It was off and on rain this morning so I hopped on the indoor track to avoid any weather.
Time: 40/41/40/84/87/254/85/84/39/40/39
Overall happy with the workout - never got over my head and stayed consistent.
Wed- am - 4+ (32:57)
PM - 7m (51:32) a mix of side streets and the Charles
Thurs - PM - 9m (1:06:54) with Scott thru downtown and parts of Harvard.
6x50m accelerations plus plyos
Fri - 0m - tried to catch the early train home and planned to run then. unfortunately the early train didn't get me home until 7 with traffic.
Sat - Am - 5m (38:46)
Pm - 3m (21:36)
Sun - AM - 9m (Memorial bridge 5k - 2nd 16:49)

Summary - 53m - 1 good workout - 1 good race
Surprised myself with the race today but a nice sign of heading in the correct direction.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

9/26 - 10/2

Mon - PM - 5m (35:23)
Tues - PM - 9+ (3xmile) half rest. Stayed on the roads instead of going to the track.
Splits - 5:57/5:50/5:48
Wed. - 0 first day at MIT got lost trying to find the gym buy the time I did it was 6pm and I still had the commute home
Thurs - PM - 8+ (1:01:52) with Scott and Sasha after work.
Fri - PM - 5+(37:53) on the Charles
Sat - am - 8m (appleharvest 5k) first fitness test, really had no goal or plan for the race, I didn't want to get out to hard and die but more stay even and fight. Got off the line a little slow moved up with the group infront of me and tried to stick with them. The first two miles are gradual uphills and short climbs in neighborhoods, the last mile is mainly down hill. I finished up 7th in 18:28, a first step of trying to get back. The positives - my legs and back felt good and I was able to stay focused on the race. Other then that I had a lot of rust and not much speed.
Sunday - 15m (1:46:32) Rockingham rail trail W/ Coree & Keely

Summary - 50m (6days) Good week with a solid workout and ok first attempt at racing. Need to bring the miles up and adjust to my new schedule with work.