Tuesday, October 18, 2016


mon - 10m (1:12:44) had the day off and went over to the Rockingham rail trail for an easy out and back.
Tues - 4+ (30:38) forgot shoes at home. Had to wait till pm (when I could get some) thankfully heartbreaks is right next door. Had to cramp a run to make an appointment for an apt showing.
Wed- 8m (track) 2x800/3x400/4x200 (half rest) used the indoor track again to help maintain focus
Times: 244/245/82/81/80/37/38/38/36
Thurs - 10m (1:12:04) Met with Scott and did some loops around town
Fri - 7+ (54:39) solo morning run
Sat - 0
Sun - 0

Summary - 39m - would have liked to run over the weekend I knew Saturday wasn't going to happen and Sunday I got caught up working on the truck before traveling home. Overall had a good workout and feeling good so I'll take it.

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