Wednesday, October 5, 2016

10/3 - 10/9

With this being my first full week at MIT I have been testing some times to see what works best with the current commute and training.

Mon - pm - 9m (1:03:13) ran along the Charles and added some strides on the track to get the distance.
Tues - am - 7m (track) 3x2/2x4/8/2x4/3x2 (half rest)
It was off and on rain this morning so I hopped on the indoor track to avoid any weather.
Time: 40/41/40/84/87/254/85/84/39/40/39
Overall happy with the workout - never got over my head and stayed consistent.
Wed- am - 4+ (32:57)
PM - 7m (51:32) a mix of side streets and the Charles
Thurs - PM - 9m (1:06:54) with Scott thru downtown and parts of Harvard.
6x50m accelerations plus plyos
Fri - 0m - tried to catch the early train home and planned to run then. unfortunately the early train didn't get me home until 7 with traffic.
Sat - Am - 5m (38:46)
Pm - 3m (21:36)
Sun - AM - 9m (Memorial bridge 5k - 2nd 16:49)

Summary - 53m - 1 good workout - 1 good race
Surprised myself with the race today but a nice sign of heading in the correct direction.

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