Saturday, October 1, 2016

9/26 - 10/2

Mon - PM - 5m (35:23)
Tues - PM - 9+ (3xmile) half rest. Stayed on the roads instead of going to the track.
Splits - 5:57/5:50/5:48
Wed. - 0 first day at MIT got lost trying to find the gym buy the time I did it was 6pm and I still had the commute home
Thurs - PM - 8+ (1:01:52) with Scott and Sasha after work.
Fri - PM - 5+(37:53) on the Charles
Sat - am - 8m (appleharvest 5k) first fitness test, really had no goal or plan for the race, I didn't want to get out to hard and die but more stay even and fight. Got off the line a little slow moved up with the group infront of me and tried to stick with them. The first two miles are gradual uphills and short climbs in neighborhoods, the last mile is mainly down hill. I finished up 7th in 18:28, a first step of trying to get back. The positives - my legs and back felt good and I was able to stay focused on the race. Other then that I had a lot of rust and not much speed.
Sunday - 15m (1:46:32) Rockingham rail trail W/ Coree & Keely

Summary - 50m (6days) Good week with a solid workout and ok first attempt at racing. Need to bring the miles up and adjust to my new schedule with work.

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