Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mon- 9m 54:29 College rail trail
Tues- 7m 47:45
Wed- 11m (4x2,2,8) 1)35/36/2:32 2)36/34/2:34 3)35/34/2:27 4)34/33/2:19
Thurs- 4m 28:11 robin hood park
Fri- 10m 57:55 (slightly short by .2 according to map my run)

Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend was the SEA 5K in Concord, after heading over with Hammett we meet up with the CMS crew. We previewed the course for a warm up, after a few strides I headed to the start. As we got out I tried to stick with the front pack, I stuck with them till a bit before the mile after that everything hit me and I felt my legs get very heavy. I could hear someone right on me and at 1.5 Rod Veins passed me, I fought trying to hold on and was able to retake the lead from him with about .5m to go.
Overall not happy with the time I wanted to run faster but I think the week might have caught up with me, just have to chalk it up as a good workout and get ready for the next race.