Monday, February 27, 2012


Mon - 8.5 (1:02:24) ventured out to a trail about 2.5m away from the house did 3 inner and 3 outer loops before heading home. Nice recovery run on some soft trails.
Tues - 11m (1:18:11) Got a later start today due to me having a late meeting, Legs were still a bit sore but feeling better. It was nice and relaxing also finally got my desiccated liver in today!!
Wed - 9m (1:05:14) Had some weird weather today, got hit with a little snow storm. We got sprayed a couple times by cars with slush about half way into the run everyone went quite it was very clear we all were on the same page of just wanting to be done.
Thurs - 2m Started the run with Eric and Derrick, got about 2 miles in and my knee was a bit sore ( from slipping in the snow yesterday) good thing we loop past the house wasn't feeling real bad but enough that i decided to bag it for the day.
Fri - 10m Did 9+ with Eric, Tom and Emily. good run in Albany around the state office campus. After myself Eric and Emily did strides to get the extra distance. Knee felt fairly good.
Sat - 11m (1:13:29) It was amazing out today 50 degrees very nice run with Eric and Brandon we did our normal 10.9 loop i added some strides after. Last mile 5:35
Sun - Am 5+ (36:12) Nice morning shakeout run.
Pm 8+ (57:39) was supposed to be a 10m progression run, just didn't have anything on this run Eric was pulling away early before we really got going. I decided after 4m that i was just going to get in a solid double and take it for what it is.

Total - 65m

Good recovery week got in some good runs and added in strides. Knee seems to be back under control hopefully it will be fully healthy soon.

DH Jones 10 Mile

Today was the DH jones 10 mile, i have run this race the past 3 years and was looking forward to it this year. I was going into this race with my best training base that i have had going into this years event. I had the goal of a new PR with the course in good condition and having plenty of people to race with, also leading to this i had run 58:13 at a low key Albany race 3 weeks prior. We arrived at the race around 9:30am after spending the night in Keene, met up with Tom (ARE teammate) and headed out to preview the 1st/last mile of the course. I was feeling in good spirits and felt good on the warm up, once we got to the line i was ready to go I wanted to get out controlled (not ruin my race early) I was through the mile 5:35 my legs immediately tightened up. Over the next few miles they continued to be tight and i began to go backwards quickly. After 5 miles a group of Amherst runners went by and i tucked in with them to try and re-rally i was able to get going a bit better but never got to where i felt i should have been. I ended up with my worse time on this course 1:00:55. Obviously i was disappointed after the race, after wards i talked with some of my former team mates and close friends. It was one of those days were it just didn't happen, for what reason who knows ( lack of workouts no indoor?) At the same time it was pretty easy to just brush it off instead of my normal tail spin of what am i doing wrong with my training, the reason for this is my roommate/training partner ran a outstanding race. That keep me from that tail spin as i started the training cycle in worse shape and i am still getting my speed back up, this race was not what i wanted but could be what i needed to give myself more fire. Next on the schedule is New Bedford in 3 weeks, I want to hop into a 5k prior to that as a rust buster and also to have 1 more race under me before New Bedford.

Overall it was a good time i enjoyed seeing everyone and being back out there racing.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20 - 2/26

Mon- 10+ (1:04:14) Solid progression run started out at 7:07 for the first mile and began to get into a groove after that. At 6m Eric made a bit of a surge and brought the pace from 6:15 down to 6min pace from there is was just trying to hang on to him. I ended up finishing up with my last to miles in 5:54 and 5:50. Good day
Tues- 8m (1:02:27) Nice and easy today, legs felt a bit sore to start out the run but after about a mile things felt pretty good.
Wed - 10m (track work out) Today we headed over to Shen to meet up with Derrick. We did 6x400 and 6x200 the goal was to stay and control but turn the legs over and get ready for this weekend.
Times: 74/75/73/73/72/73 (got blasted with head wind) 200's: 35/36/34/32/30/31....felt really good today..confidence booster for this weekend.
Thurs - 10m (1:10) Went out on a new loop keeping it relaxed, for some reason my watch didn't feel like working today but it was ok Eric had his, last 10m run of the week other then DH jones.
Fri- 7m (46:00) this was a comfortable run although the on and off showers were not that great.
Sat- 6m (40:36) Ran in putney with Fyffe and Eric
Sun- 16m ( Jones 10m)

Total- 67m

Overall: Good training week 2 good workouts and 1 shitty race. Back to the grind till New bedford

Monday, February 13, 2012


Mon- 10+ (1:10:42) We did the normal monday loop with Derrick and Eric. We stopped at the high school track for a paced mile (5:20) Felt good to let it roll for a bit. finished up the run then do 4x70meter strides. feeling good to start getting some speed work in.
Tues - 11m (1:18:09) stayed nice and relaxed hit up some trails off kinns rd. Hoping to get in a workout tomorrow, as long as i can get out of my meeting on time.
Wed- 0m long day at work
Thurs - 10m (Track Workout) 3x1000,3x400. The workout was planned to be longer but after the 3rd 400 i decided to call it.
Times: 3:18/3:24/3:23/80/78/81....Overall not a horrible workout but i did struggle with the speed kind of felt lost being on the track.
Fri - 11.5m (1:22:24) Took about 10m before i finally started to feel good running. Was very nice to get out the door early and get majority of the run in day light.
Sat - Am 3m (21:15) Nice morning shake out run.
Pm 9m ( Track workout ) Went to Shen to get in another workout, had some nice weather also had Eric to pace me thru the opening 200.
Workout 6x400 (200 rest)
Times: 69/70/70/71/71/71
Felt pretty good quads were tight but it was good to push through it and have Eric there to push me.
Sun- 10m (70min) Nice and easy run, decided to just go ten today as eric had all the miles he needed and i was feeling a bit tired. Next week will be a down week as we prepare for DH Jones on Sunday.

Total - 65m (6days)

Monday, February 6, 2012


Mon - 9.5m (1:09:11) Nice and relaxed, was pretty surprised that i didn't have any real soreness from yesterday. Guessing that its from the increase in fitness.
Tues- 10m (1:11:44) Good even run. I had to work late so we didn't get out the door till just before 6pm...planning on a workout tomorrow.
Wed- 12m (track workout 4x400,4x800) 78/2:41/78/2:40/77/2:35/76/2:32...We took half rest on the workout, this was the first workout after 5+ weeks of base mileage. took a little bit of time to get into a rhythm, mostly the first 2 sets started to feel good.
Thus - 12m (1:29:27) Nice recovery run, Found a couple little trails to loop on while doing our normal 11m loop.
Fri- 6m (40:59) nice easy run before heading to Keene
Sat- 8m+ (55:30) did a loop in Keene mix of road and trail. Then went to Boston with Najem.
Sun- 17m (1:56:22) w/ Najem,Fyffe and Eric..did the clearing from
The house, I struggled to keep up on the climbs.


Good week, need to get a couple workouts in the week. Feeling fit need to get some speed work in now.