Monday, February 6, 2012


Mon - 9.5m (1:09:11) Nice and relaxed, was pretty surprised that i didn't have any real soreness from yesterday. Guessing that its from the increase in fitness.
Tues- 10m (1:11:44) Good even run. I had to work late so we didn't get out the door till just before 6pm...planning on a workout tomorrow.
Wed- 12m (track workout 4x400,4x800) 78/2:41/78/2:40/77/2:35/76/2:32...We took half rest on the workout, this was the first workout after 5+ weeks of base mileage. took a little bit of time to get into a rhythm, mostly the first 2 sets started to feel good.
Thus - 12m (1:29:27) Nice recovery run, Found a couple little trails to loop on while doing our normal 11m loop.
Fri- 6m (40:59) nice easy run before heading to Keene
Sat- 8m+ (55:30) did a loop in Keene mix of road and trail. Then went to Boston with Najem.
Sun- 17m (1:56:22) w/ Najem,Fyffe and Eric..did the clearing from
The house, I struggled to keep up on the climbs.


Good week, need to get a couple workouts in the week. Feeling fit need to get some speed work in now.

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