Monday, February 13, 2012


Mon- 10+ (1:10:42) We did the normal monday loop with Derrick and Eric. We stopped at the high school track for a paced mile (5:20) Felt good to let it roll for a bit. finished up the run then do 4x70meter strides. feeling good to start getting some speed work in.
Tues - 11m (1:18:09) stayed nice and relaxed hit up some trails off kinns rd. Hoping to get in a workout tomorrow, as long as i can get out of my meeting on time.
Wed- 0m long day at work
Thurs - 10m (Track Workout) 3x1000,3x400. The workout was planned to be longer but after the 3rd 400 i decided to call it.
Times: 3:18/3:24/3:23/80/78/81....Overall not a horrible workout but i did struggle with the speed kind of felt lost being on the track.
Fri - 11.5m (1:22:24) Took about 10m before i finally started to feel good running. Was very nice to get out the door early and get majority of the run in day light.
Sat - Am 3m (21:15) Nice morning shake out run.
Pm 9m ( Track workout ) Went to Shen to get in another workout, had some nice weather also had Eric to pace me thru the opening 200.
Workout 6x400 (200 rest)
Times: 69/70/70/71/71/71
Felt pretty good quads were tight but it was good to push through it and have Eric there to push me.
Sun- 10m (70min) Nice and easy run, decided to just go ten today as eric had all the miles he needed and i was feeling a bit tired. Next week will be a down week as we prepare for DH Jones on Sunday.

Total - 65m (6days)