Monday, February 27, 2012

DH Jones 10 Mile

Today was the DH jones 10 mile, i have run this race the past 3 years and was looking forward to it this year. I was going into this race with my best training base that i have had going into this years event. I had the goal of a new PR with the course in good condition and having plenty of people to race with, also leading to this i had run 58:13 at a low key Albany race 3 weeks prior. We arrived at the race around 9:30am after spending the night in Keene, met up with Tom (ARE teammate) and headed out to preview the 1st/last mile of the course. I was feeling in good spirits and felt good on the warm up, once we got to the line i was ready to go I wanted to get out controlled (not ruin my race early) I was through the mile 5:35 my legs immediately tightened up. Over the next few miles they continued to be tight and i began to go backwards quickly. After 5 miles a group of Amherst runners went by and i tucked in with them to try and re-rally i was able to get going a bit better but never got to where i felt i should have been. I ended up with my worse time on this course 1:00:55. Obviously i was disappointed after the race, after wards i talked with some of my former team mates and close friends. It was one of those days were it just didn't happen, for what reason who knows ( lack of workouts no indoor?) At the same time it was pretty easy to just brush it off instead of my normal tail spin of what am i doing wrong with my training, the reason for this is my roommate/training partner ran a outstanding race. That keep me from that tail spin as i started the training cycle in worse shape and i am still getting my speed back up, this race was not what i wanted but could be what i needed to give myself more fire. Next on the schedule is New Bedford in 3 weeks, I want to hop into a 5k prior to that as a rust buster and also to have 1 more race under me before New Bedford.

Overall it was a good time i enjoyed seeing everyone and being back out there racing.

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  1. Hey man, good to see you yesterday. Glad to hear your not taking the tough race too hard, you're training has been going great, some days we just don't have it.