Monday, February 27, 2012


Mon - 8.5 (1:02:24) ventured out to a trail about 2.5m away from the house did 3 inner and 3 outer loops before heading home. Nice recovery run on some soft trails.
Tues - 11m (1:18:11) Got a later start today due to me having a late meeting, Legs were still a bit sore but feeling better. It was nice and relaxing also finally got my desiccated liver in today!!
Wed - 9m (1:05:14) Had some weird weather today, got hit with a little snow storm. We got sprayed a couple times by cars with slush about half way into the run everyone went quite it was very clear we all were on the same page of just wanting to be done.
Thurs - 2m Started the run with Eric and Derrick, got about 2 miles in and my knee was a bit sore ( from slipping in the snow yesterday) good thing we loop past the house wasn't feeling real bad but enough that i decided to bag it for the day.
Fri - 10m Did 9+ with Eric, Tom and Emily. good run in Albany around the state office campus. After myself Eric and Emily did strides to get the extra distance. Knee felt fairly good.
Sat - 11m (1:13:29) It was amazing out today 50 degrees very nice run with Eric and Brandon we did our normal 10.9 loop i added some strides after. Last mile 5:35
Sun - Am 5+ (36:12) Nice morning shakeout run.
Pm 8+ (57:39) was supposed to be a 10m progression run, just didn't have anything on this run Eric was pulling away early before we really got going. I decided after 4m that i was just going to get in a solid double and take it for what it is.

Total - 65m

Good recovery week got in some good runs and added in strides. Knee seems to be back under control hopefully it will be fully healthy soon.

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