Monday, March 5, 2012

3/5 - 3/11

Mon - 10+ (1:06:33) Good run felt much better then yesterday. Was a bit cold today which sucked but once we got rolling it was a good run. Dropped down to sub 6min pace for the last mile or so, looking forward to some warm weather.
Tues - 9 (1:01:54) We were just short of 9 about 7 min pace. A normal later night at work for me, looking forward to the clocks turning back and the warmer weather.
Wed - 11m Today we went to Albany to do a workout and also had a team meeting afterwards. The workout me and Eric did was 3x800/3x600/3x400 with 400 rest after the 8's and 200 after everything else. This worked out perfect as there were 20+ ppl on the track so there was never a point you weren't trying to catch someone. Times : 2:35/2:36/2:38/1:57/1:57/1:57/77/75/69
Overall i was really happy with this workout, it was fun to turn the legs over and never feel like i was over my head.
Thurs - 8+ (58:57) Nice easy run in 60 degree weather. We decided to keep it a bit shorter and recover from the workout, calf's we a bit sore but other then that everything was good.
Fri- 8++ (1:02:14) Good run really weird weather it was clear when i got home 430 had rained/snowed all by 5 and had snow flurries every 20 mins and a mini blizzard the last 15mins of the run...made things interesting.
Sat - AM 9m..Tipperyhill 4m (22:58) Race report to follow..tough course.
Pm 6m (44:03) Nice shake out run out and back thru Shen hit up the soft trails.
Sun - 15m (1:42) Went down to Albany for the Pancake run. Basically everyone runs different distances you can run anywhere from 3.5-15m , we cruised thru about 13m in a group of 8 the last two miles a couple guys started to get after it a bit myself and Alan didn't go not 100% because i didn't want to but i was mid bonk (spaced on the GU)..Overall great run.

Total - 77m Good week of training had a good workout and a solid race. Overall very happy with where my training is at, I feel like i am right on the brink of popping a race. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and that racing season is hear, added motivation!!

TipperayHill 4m - this was a good race, I decided not to wear my watch and just race to see where i was at. I felt i needed a race after DH jones which didn't go even close to how i wanted. It was a tough course, the first mile is down hill the next two are climbing and the last mile mostly flat. I was out quick thru the mile heard a split of 4:53 i keep fighting and ran with the same group for the last 3m I was happy with the race. Looking forward to next weekend for New Bedford.


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