Monday, March 12, 2012

3/12 - 3/18

Mon - 10.62 (1:11:12) Picked up Derrick after about 1.5m we did the normal loop around town before dropping him off at the gym. We were clipping off pretty well most of the run, at about 7 miles myself and Eric talked about backing off the pace a bit we hit the school which has every 1/4 m marked and we realized we were hitting 6:20 pace. Once we hit the last mile from the school to home we got after it a bit i was not sure how fast we were moving but with .5 to go we really started to roll closed in 5:06 just the confidence booster I needed.
Tues - 9.5 (1:08:46) Had a later night at work didn't get home till 5, we decided to hit up a couple of dirt bike paths about 2.5m from the house. We keep it really relaxed today it was nice to run on some trails. Planning on doing a workout tomorrow have the idea of (mile,2x800,4x400 half rest) really enjoying the warm weather.
Wed - 11m 22:20 for a warm up a little over 3m once we got to the track we got some strides in, the plan was 1600/2x800/4x400 with Half rest. After some strides and drills we discussed the goal times for the workout I gave Eric a idea of what he should be hitting for times and we were off. My times were 5:08/2:34/2:35/74/74/77/68. Everything went really well except the 3rd 400 i'm not 100% sure what happened i kind of spaced out on that lap. Feeling really good going into the weekend. All the work is done till Sunday!
Thurs - 5.5m (40:27) Pretty lame day was tired all day and as i drove home it began to ran. We looked at the weather report and it seemed that it was going to pass by 530-6pm at 630 it was still raining so we decided to go short and deal with the rain.
Fri- 8.5m (1:00:20) Nice easy run before heading to the te dinner. I got home a bit later then normal and we didn't leave till 5 and the dinner was at 630. Felt good.
Sat- 3m (22:00) Up at 620 to run before going to help out at the Green island 4m.
Sun - 18m (New Bedford Half)

Total - 66m

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