Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/26 - 4/1

Mon - 10m 1:07:12 Good first run back from taking a couple days off, Felt comfortable minus the wind.
Tues - 10+ 1:14:46 this was a interesting run, at about 5m i felt some slight stomach issues after a quick stop it seemed to be just a bit of gas. We continued on with the loop and at 8m it came back full force, at this point i handed Eric the house key and took a detour to some trails. The rest of the run was pretty boring other then my watch shutting off with a mile to go.
Wed - Am 3m 22:04
Pm 10m Track workout 3 x mile (5:29/5:37/5:41)
Thurs - 10m 1:10:23 legs seemed to get tighter as we progressed, until about 8-9m they finally loosened up a bit. Tomorrow we are heading to Keene for the Fast Friends 4.5m looking to be a great weekend.
Fri - 5m w/Hoyt around swanzey
Sat - 12m ( fast friends 4.5m)
Sunday - 15m 1:43:30 first 10 with KSC boys did otter brook, was good to run with them and see they are getting there numbers up. Also was good the 2 new guys completed there first 10m run of the season 1 of which was a sprinter last week. Once we got back to the gym Myself, Eric and Hoyt went out and added on yale 5.

Total - 75m

1 good race and good long run

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/19 - 3/25

Mon - 5+(42:10) Went over to Kinn's rd and jumped on the soft trails. Felt good to be on the trails and let the legs recover, found some sweet hills that are close to the house and could be a good place to workout.
Tues - 3m (21:47) Got up for my first morning run of the year, 50 degrees at 5:45am was a great way to start the day.
Pm 10m (1:12:00) Nice easy loop with Eric it was about 78 out which lead to first run on the roads with out a tee shirt which lead to some real cool people yelling from there porches/cars. Other then that legs felt a bit better today then yesterday.
Wed- 0m Travel back to Dover.
Thurs - 9+ 1:04:40 left my house at 930 it was about 55 out felt awesome. After 5m the temp had got up to 70's i didn't think to much about it in the morning but began to struggle with the warm weather and lack of hydration in the morning before the run. Thankfully my brother knew the run i was doing and met me at 7m to drop off some water which helped to get me the last 2+. After words it was to the air port to head to South Carolina.
Fri - 0m
Sat- 0m
Sun - 0m

Overall: Decided to take some days off while in SC, I had shot Pete ( college coach) a email to discuss some of the current issues that i have been having. IE racing, he suggested that i begin to take note of my pulse when i wake up. The first day friday i woke up and was at 54 both saturday and sunday were about the same. We had also talked about the possibility that my body could be tired from the training and losing 25lbs in a short period. With all of that I decided to give myself the 3 days to recover and see how i feel come monday. All in all I have nothing to lose from this if anything i had a good visit to SC, but maybe this will allow my body to be recovered and help my when it comes time to race.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Bedford Half Marathon

This Sunday was the New Bedford Half Marathon. This was my 3rd time racing this course so i knew what i was in for, We drove down the night before with the ARE team and stayed 1/2 a mile from the start. In the morning myself, Eric and a few others meet up with Hammett, Fyffe and George went out for a easy warm-up. At 11 we were at the starting line and I felt excited to be towing the line with the ARE and the keenyans. I got out relaxed and stayed a few steps behind George, I had the plan of staying relaxed thru 3.5 miles and then us the down hills to get moving. I was able to do this thru 3m the last climb i lost some contact with George i tried to get going on the slight down hill but was not able to get those gears and could see the pack pulling away. Over the next few miles I found myself in a bit of no mans land I was trying to relax and get myself going again, at 7m i could feel some blisters forming on the balls of my feet about at this time I could feel my left calf getting tighter. I had tried to loosen it up the night before but seemed to not get better. From mile 10-13 i was able to try and hang on to a few people going by me, just after the 12m mark i noticed the lead truck for the women pulling up next to me at this point I made as much of a push as i could to make sure to not be caught. I was able to pass a few people at this time. I ended up finishing in 1:18:57 about 4-5 mins slower then i thought.

1147 (4-6)

Overall the splits speak for them self, but thankfully I have a great group of friends who are able to help you look at things from a different view instead of beating myself up over a rough race. After talking to a few people it mad since about why things are not going as well as i was hoping. Over the next couple weeks I have a few races planned out and also going to continue with the training and bump my miles up to the 80's. Also as racing season is starting I plan to get into some 5k's and work on the turn over that i am missing before going back to the longer stuff.

Monday, March 12, 2012

3/12 - 3/18

Mon - 10.62 (1:11:12) Picked up Derrick after about 1.5m we did the normal loop around town before dropping him off at the gym. We were clipping off pretty well most of the run, at about 7 miles myself and Eric talked about backing off the pace a bit we hit the school which has every 1/4 m marked and we realized we were hitting 6:20 pace. Once we hit the last mile from the school to home we got after it a bit i was not sure how fast we were moving but with .5 to go we really started to roll closed in 5:06 just the confidence booster I needed.
Tues - 9.5 (1:08:46) Had a later night at work didn't get home till 5, we decided to hit up a couple of dirt bike paths about 2.5m from the house. We keep it really relaxed today it was nice to run on some trails. Planning on doing a workout tomorrow have the idea of (mile,2x800,4x400 half rest) really enjoying the warm weather.
Wed - 11m 22:20 for a warm up a little over 3m once we got to the track we got some strides in, the plan was 1600/2x800/4x400 with Half rest. After some strides and drills we discussed the goal times for the workout I gave Eric a idea of what he should be hitting for times and we were off. My times were 5:08/2:34/2:35/74/74/77/68. Everything went really well except the 3rd 400 i'm not 100% sure what happened i kind of spaced out on that lap. Feeling really good going into the weekend. All the work is done till Sunday!
Thurs - 5.5m (40:27) Pretty lame day was tired all day and as i drove home it began to ran. We looked at the weather report and it seemed that it was going to pass by 530-6pm at 630 it was still raining so we decided to go short and deal with the rain.
Fri- 8.5m (1:00:20) Nice easy run before heading to the te dinner. I got home a bit later then normal and we didn't leave till 5 and the dinner was at 630. Felt good.
Sat- 3m (22:00) Up at 620 to run before going to help out at the Green island 4m.
Sun - 18m (New Bedford Half)

Total - 66m

Monday, March 5, 2012

3/5 - 3/11

Mon - 10+ (1:06:33) Good run felt much better then yesterday. Was a bit cold today which sucked but once we got rolling it was a good run. Dropped down to sub 6min pace for the last mile or so, looking forward to some warm weather.
Tues - 9 (1:01:54) We were just short of 9 about 7 min pace. A normal later night at work for me, looking forward to the clocks turning back and the warmer weather.
Wed - 11m Today we went to Albany to do a workout and also had a team meeting afterwards. The workout me and Eric did was 3x800/3x600/3x400 with 400 rest after the 8's and 200 after everything else. This worked out perfect as there were 20+ ppl on the track so there was never a point you weren't trying to catch someone. Times : 2:35/2:36/2:38/1:57/1:57/1:57/77/75/69
Overall i was really happy with this workout, it was fun to turn the legs over and never feel like i was over my head.
Thurs - 8+ (58:57) Nice easy run in 60 degree weather. We decided to keep it a bit shorter and recover from the workout, calf's we a bit sore but other then that everything was good.
Fri- 8++ (1:02:14) Good run really weird weather it was clear when i got home 430 had rained/snowed all by 5 and had snow flurries every 20 mins and a mini blizzard the last 15mins of the run...made things interesting.
Sat - AM 9m..Tipperyhill 4m (22:58) Race report to follow..tough course.
Pm 6m (44:03) Nice shake out run out and back thru Shen hit up the soft trails.
Sun - 15m (1:42) Went down to Albany for the Pancake run. Basically everyone runs different distances you can run anywhere from 3.5-15m , we cruised thru about 13m in a group of 8 the last two miles a couple guys started to get after it a bit myself and Alan didn't go not 100% because i didn't want to but i was mid bonk (spaced on the GU)..Overall great run.

Total - 77m Good week of training had a good workout and a solid race. Overall very happy with where my training is at, I feel like i am right on the brink of popping a race. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and that racing season is hear, added motivation!!

TipperayHill 4m - this was a good race, I decided not to wear my watch and just race to see where i was at. I felt i needed a race after DH jones which didn't go even close to how i wanted. It was a tough course, the first mile is down hill the next two are climbing and the last mile mostly flat. I was out quick thru the mile heard a split of 4:53 i keep fighting and ran with the same group for the last 3m I was happy with the race. Looking forward to next weekend for New Bedford.