Friday, July 31, 2015

Silks & Satins

Saturday, July 25th - Was the Silks & Satins 5k, in Saratoga. The race goes off at 8am to not impact opening weekend of the track as well. I arrived just before 7, picked up my bib and headed out for an easy warm up. Tried to hit the restroom before the start but the lines where crazy, opted to take a knee between cars. The plan was to get out a little quicker to deal with congestion and a early turn. I spent the 1st mile moving thru the crowds and trying to get into good position, came thru the mile (5:16) and John went by to bridge the gap to the next group. I wasn't able to follow the move, but I was able to get with a few of the highschool guys and roll with them. We came thru 2m in 10:42, the last mile has a good amount of turns but nothing you weren't able to roll on. I was pushing to move up but didn't have that closing speed, my last mile was the slowest but better then 2 weeks ago. Was able to finish up in 16:55 (15th) I was out a bit quick for my current fitness but the plus side is after the mile I was only passed by 3 ppl (John, Pete and Kiley) can't complain about losing to any of them.

Next up is Run4kerri!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/20 - 7/26

Mon - 540pm - 4.5m (30:32) solo in SPAC. Was to lazy to get up this morning.
630pm - 5.5m with Saratoga crew, 5m (31:17) with .5m cool down

Tues - 520am - 2m (NT)

7pm - 8m (58:18) no motivation today, was a little bit better once I got running. 

Wed - 6pm - 12m (track) met up with the super secret training group in Albany. The plan 3m/2m/1m @ tempo pace followed by 2x400, 4x200. We hit a easy 2m warm up before changing up and getting out on the road loop. The hardest part of the first rep is not getting caught up with others and go out to fast. This was a very good workout! Felt strong and smooth.

Times - 17:23/11:31/5:49/80/79/36/36/35/35

Followed up the workout with an easy 2m cooldown, and a bit of confusion. Macknight brought Pete home (didn't know that) thought he might have forgot we road down together. Rolled up shortly after we finished the cooldown.

Thurs - 5am - 3+ (27:08) sweet rd loop

545pm - 10m (1:16:23) met Pete and Eric at Kinns rd to run on some soft trails.

Fri - 330pm - 5m (37:47) wanted to go longer but was caught between thunderstorms and dinner at Renee's (pre-race routine) followed by some intense games of apples to apples with Sydney, Addy and KP.

Sat - 7am (silks and Satins 5k) 8m good race, report to follow (16:55)

Sun - woo long day! Went up to lake placid to watch ironman. Awesome event to watch, absolutely no interest in doing it. Got up to watch the start and hang out for a bit, ran at 9am (8m - 60:00) made it back to watch the first loop of the bike. After the afternoon of intense spectating I went out for my 2nd run, made an outer loop then popped on the marathon course to cheer people on. My buddy was having some stomach issues, I got his request ran a few miles with him and headed back to get some stuff from the condo (11m - 1:26). Once getting back he asked if I could do the out and back section with him, it was pushing 9pm and I knew it was quite on that section. I got a ride out and ran an additional 9m (1:47:08) to help get him in! Long day on the legs but awesome to see him finish! Highlight of the run was passing an older gentleman and with him stating "if you finish this you can finish any TRI" to the response of "this is my first TRI" all he got for a response was "shut the f*ck up" we died laughing.

Summary - 86m - 2 good workouts and 1 good race. Took a 28m day to put me back on track this week but got it done. Need to be better about morning runs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

7/13 - 7/19

Mon - 530pm - 7m (51:26) met with Shaun in SPAC for an easy run in the heat. 

730pm - 1h massage

Tues - 615am - 5m (38:20) thru the neighborhoods. Could feel some tightness from the massage last night, otherwise felt good.

715pm - 10m (1:09:39) lake rd loop with Macknight. Legs were a little tired towards the end.

Wed- 720am - 3+ (25:02) sweet rd loop.

6pm - 11+ UAlbany track (3m tempo, 4x800, 6x200) goal - GMP on the 3m, 800's at current 5k pace and finish out some strong 2's. After an easy 2m warm up we changed up and headed to the start of the 3m (a permiter SUNY loop)  right off the pace of the 3m wasn't GMP but I just rolled with it, finished up in 16:59 took a 5-7min break getting back to the track then hoped into the 8's i thought 240's would be good (slightly faster then current fitness) these were tough right away 242/247/248/255. The original plan had list 6 of these but after struggling home to a 255 I knew it was time to bag it. Took a min after the final 800 and changed shoes, and made my way over to the 200 mark. Knowing how tired I felt this was a good opportunity to work on my speed, closed out the workout in 32/32/32/33/31/31. We finished up with a world record pace cooldown (first mile in 920) also during the cool down I had a first, not full blown but did have a little vomit session. I've never vomited from running before, damn this workout was tough.

Thurs - 9.5m (1:16:12) killed it, absolutely crushed the pace! Oh oh wait yea...nice and easy loop with Macknight, both of us felt pretty beat up from yesterday. Keep the pace very easy, good recovery day.

Fri - 445pm - 10m (1:10:53) w/Pete in Kinns park.

630pm - 25min Aqua jog @ the Y

Sat - 930am - 12m (track) 800/4x400/4x200/4x150 (full rest) went down to Shen high school, easy 4m warm up. 
Times - 227/73/72/72/71/32/33/33/32/23/22/21/21
Really happy with this workout felt smooth and strong the entire workout, even as the temps raised.

730pm - 3+ (24:23) sweet rd loop

Sun- 1030am - 10m (1:10:16) w/Saratoga boys. Man it was hot out, plenty of water stops along the way.

515pm - 5m (33:28) neighborhood loop just before the storms hit.

Summary - 85m - 2 good workouts! Need to lock down my long runs, Sunday the sound of 5 solo miles I that heat wasn't going to happen opted for the double.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sarcoma 5K

Saturday 9am- was the 4th annual Sarcoma 5K, I was looking for a race that some people would be at. The results showed the Saratoga high guys had been their the year prior and I was hoping they would be back today. Unfortunately they were not, the goal for today was simple to get another hard race effort in. The weather was pretty warm early on and projected to be high 70's to low 80's by start time. I stuck to the trails in SPAC for my warm up and tried to stay in the shade while stretching. Once on the line it looked as if one runner might be up to push with me, off the line he lead the first 1/4 mile before I took the lead. I could hear him close behind for most of the 1st mile, i didn't look at splits as I decided to wear my garmin (this smaller races usually don't have markers anyways). I made a push in the 2nd mile to try and maintain pace and was able to create a decent gap on the 2nd place runner. The 3rd mile was were I knew things would get tough and I could have used someone to push with, the good thing is I didn't feel my form breaking down I just slowed down. Holding on for the win in 17:08, overall I was happy with the effort and knowing had I been able to hold on a little better in the end that would have been sub 17 solo. Which I haven't done in a while, this was a good step forward in my training. It's also a big confidence booster that my training is working and progressing forward.

Up next - I have Silks & Satins in Saratoga on July 25th this race is typically stacked with winners usually sub 15. And following that up with a return to Run4Kerri.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

7/6 - 7/12

Mon - 6am. - 3+ (24:35) sweet rd loop, legs feeling recovered.

630pm - 7m (48:15) in SPAC with Saratoga boys.

Tues - 515am -5m (38:40) neighborhoods

6pm - 7+ (50:20) w/close out mile - holy hot&humid. Keep the first 6m relaxed and pushed the last mile home. Not the fastest of miles but closed in 554. I'll take it with this weather.

Wed - 515am - 3+ (28:20) sweet rd loop

6pm - 11m (3x2mile / 4x200) met at UA with the guys (Eric,Aaron,Pete and John) we were split in 2 groups Based off were everyone is with their training. Myself, Aaron and John did the workout together. We stick to the roads for the 2m repeats and went of the garmins, it was another hot day and I could feel it but never to a point of breaking down. The goal was to do these at tempo pace and not try to kill any parts of it.
Times:  - 1139/1144/1141
These felt a little harder then I would have like, then again I'm not the best at running in the heat. We got back to the track and changed into spikes for some 2's.
Boom! Was much happier with this workout once I wrote it out and looked at it!

Thrus - 7pm - 7m (51:26) nice and easy in the neighborhoods enjoying the rain.

Fri - 830pm - 7+ (51:06) pretty spent from the 3 days of traveling. Got home and decided to relax for a while, felt good to run with the sun going down.

Sat - 830am - 9m (Sarcoma 5k) 1st place 17:08

6pm. - 5++ (42:20) around the neighborhoods, legs were pretty tired.

Sun - 8am - 13m (1:36:06) Galway w/Renee. Same loop as a couple weeks ago, a bunch of hills. The early miles were pretty quick and once the sun was fully out and the heat I started to struggle. The last 3m were the slowest stretch of the run, by this point I had stopped sweating. Good run on quite roads, may need to start earlier in the future.

Summary - 78m with 1 good workout and 1 good race. Fitness is progressing forward and should lead to some good racing late summer and into the fall.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fire cracker 4

Saturday - July 4th, woke up around 615 and on the road by 720 up to Saratoga. It was suprisingly cool out but you could feel the humidity. Got into Saratoga and found a parking spot just before 8 for the 9am start of the race. Met up with the crew and out for an easy warm up. 

Once on the line it was a bit of a cluster, the timing crew was still tying in the starting mats as the road wasn't shut down early enough. As they were explaining th start commands the starter stated there will be 2 commands runners set and then just shot the gun. So much for and explaining the commands, most of the first mile is navigating thru the large groups that hammer out I also didn't want to be out to quick as Tuesday workout proved I'm not there yet. The first mile came in 5:24 and I had one of the high schoolers with me, we pushed the 2nd mile together and moved our way thru the crowds. It was good having someone to work with an keep me racing, we hit 2m (11:00/5:36.) The 3rd mile of the course has a few quick turns and a steep down that climbs right back up after, I was feeling it on this mile and started to slip back a little. The steep down hill was a smoke to the system my legs didn't enjoy it, once we climbed out I was back with the group charging forward. The final mile has a good climb followed by 600m slight down to the finish, we continued to press and try to catch people. In the final 25m the high schooler I had run with the whole race had one extra gear I didn't and snuck past me just before the line.

I finished out in 22:32, even tho it wasn't a PR or even close to the fastest I have run on this course it was right where I projected I would be. Knowing how the workout went on Tuesday I figured I could be mid 22 on a good day. The good news is physically and mentally my body is heading in the right direction and I don't feel beat to shit like last year.

Right around mile 3

Thursday, July 2, 2015

6/29 - 7/5 Let the work begin

Goal of the week: begin to adjust back to training sleeping pattern. I have zero issue going to be early..the early rise is another story.

Mon - 515am 3+ (26:43) Sweet road loop. This run falls somewhere between 3.25-3.5.

430pm - 7+ (52:18) went up to SPAC and explored some of the new trails they cut. Some double back on eachother but otherwise well maintained.

Tues - 6am - 20mins stationary bike, core work. Decided to head to the Y this morning and get some focused core work in before work.

720pm - 7m (47:46) had a longer day today covering for a client. Overall felt good on the run, keep reminding myself to relax and not press the pace down any further.

Wed - My one lazy morning, alarm went off and I wimped out on getting up.

6pm- 9m (2m time trial) Met up with Pete, Aaron and Macknight at the track for a planned 2m. The goal was to try and run quick and controlled, also to give an idea on where the fitness level is. After a botched first attempt at starting (some of us were thinking 3200 while Aaron  was holding true to 2m.) the first 1/4 we caught some lap traffic and had a little mishap, Eric ran into someone and I just missed another. The pace got a little hot early was thinking 75-76 on the back of the pack instead was 72. The rest of the run was tough those 3 held that pace or close to for the next few laps. Right around the mile I saw Pete coming back and wanted to use him as a target (try to reel him in then close together) no dice Pete stepped off the track. I hung on for the next 2 laps before yelling to Pete to help me out. Nothing to impressive 10:39. The positives - no residual from the marathon, also I had noted a need for this next cycle was to work on some speed (this showed I need it) the other plus is I know with a few weeks of workouts this time will come down quickly.

Thurs - 515am - 3+ (27:20) sweet rd loop

7pm - 7m (50:31) first 5 in neighborhoods with Macknight. Added a loop thru the complex.

Fri - 930am - 3+ (25:40) sweet rd loop

545pm - 4+ (32:33) miller rd loop with Macknight.

Sat - 830am - 9m (firecracker 4 - 22:32) race report to follow.

430pm - 3+ (24:22)

Sun - 930am - 13m (1:31:18) awesome group run. From Joe's to Dan&Kelly's. Followed by a cookout. Not a bad way to end the weekend.

Summary - 72m with 1 ok workout and 1 good race.