Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/20 - 7/26

Mon - 540pm - 4.5m (30:32) solo in SPAC. Was to lazy to get up this morning.
630pm - 5.5m with Saratoga crew, 5m (31:17) with .5m cool down

Tues - 520am - 2m (NT)

7pm - 8m (58:18) no motivation today, was a little bit better once I got running. 

Wed - 6pm - 12m (track) met up with the super secret training group in Albany. The plan 3m/2m/1m @ tempo pace followed by 2x400, 4x200. We hit a easy 2m warm up before changing up and getting out on the road loop. The hardest part of the first rep is not getting caught up with others and go out to fast. This was a very good workout! Felt strong and smooth.

Times - 17:23/11:31/5:49/80/79/36/36/35/35

Followed up the workout with an easy 2m cooldown, and a bit of confusion. Macknight brought Pete home (didn't know that) thought he might have forgot we road down together. Rolled up shortly after we finished the cooldown.

Thurs - 5am - 3+ (27:08) sweet rd loop

545pm - 10m (1:16:23) met Pete and Eric at Kinns rd to run on some soft trails.

Fri - 330pm - 5m (37:47) wanted to go longer but was caught between thunderstorms and dinner at Renee's (pre-race routine) followed by some intense games of apples to apples with Sydney, Addy and KP.

Sat - 7am (silks and Satins 5k) 8m good race, report to follow (16:55)

Sun - woo long day! Went up to lake placid to watch ironman. Awesome event to watch, absolutely no interest in doing it. Got up to watch the start and hang out for a bit, ran at 9am (8m - 60:00) made it back to watch the first loop of the bike. After the afternoon of intense spectating I went out for my 2nd run, made an outer loop then popped on the marathon course to cheer people on. My buddy was having some stomach issues, I got his request ran a few miles with him and headed back to get some stuff from the condo (11m - 1:26). Once getting back he asked if I could do the out and back section with him, it was pushing 9pm and I knew it was quite on that section. I got a ride out and ran an additional 9m (1:47:08) to help get him in! Long day on the legs but awesome to see him finish! Highlight of the run was passing an older gentleman and with him stating "if you finish this you can finish any TRI" to the response of "this is my first TRI" all he got for a response was "shut the f*ck up" we died laughing.

Summary - 86m - 2 good workouts and 1 good race. Took a 28m day to put me back on track this week but got it done. Need to be better about morning runs.

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