Thursday, July 9, 2015

7/6 - 7/12

Mon - 6am. - 3+ (24:35) sweet rd loop, legs feeling recovered.

630pm - 7m (48:15) in SPAC with Saratoga boys.

Tues - 515am -5m (38:40) neighborhoods

6pm - 7+ (50:20) w/close out mile - holy hot&humid. Keep the first 6m relaxed and pushed the last mile home. Not the fastest of miles but closed in 554. I'll take it with this weather.

Wed - 515am - 3+ (28:20) sweet rd loop

6pm - 11m (3x2mile / 4x200) met at UA with the guys (Eric,Aaron,Pete and John) we were split in 2 groups Based off were everyone is with their training. Myself, Aaron and John did the workout together. We stick to the roads for the 2m repeats and went of the garmins, it was another hot day and I could feel it but never to a point of breaking down. The goal was to do these at tempo pace and not try to kill any parts of it.
Times:  - 1139/1144/1141
These felt a little harder then I would have like, then again I'm not the best at running in the heat. We got back to the track and changed into spikes for some 2's.
Boom! Was much happier with this workout once I wrote it out and looked at it!

Thrus - 7pm - 7m (51:26) nice and easy in the neighborhoods enjoying the rain.

Fri - 830pm - 7+ (51:06) pretty spent from the 3 days of traveling. Got home and decided to relax for a while, felt good to run with the sun going down.

Sat - 830am - 9m (Sarcoma 5k) 1st place 17:08

6pm. - 5++ (42:20) around the neighborhoods, legs were pretty tired.

Sun - 8am - 13m (1:36:06) Galway w/Renee. Same loop as a couple weeks ago, a bunch of hills. The early miles were pretty quick and once the sun was fully out and the heat I started to struggle. The last 3m were the slowest stretch of the run, by this point I had stopped sweating. Good run on quite roads, may need to start earlier in the future.

Summary - 78m with 1 good workout and 1 good race. Fitness is progressing forward and should lead to some good racing late summer and into the fall.

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