Thursday, July 2, 2015

6/29 - 7/5 Let the work begin

Goal of the week: begin to adjust back to training sleeping pattern. I have zero issue going to be early..the early rise is another story.

Mon - 515am 3+ (26:43) Sweet road loop. This run falls somewhere between 3.25-3.5.

430pm - 7+ (52:18) went up to SPAC and explored some of the new trails they cut. Some double back on eachother but otherwise well maintained.

Tues - 6am - 20mins stationary bike, core work. Decided to head to the Y this morning and get some focused core work in before work.

720pm - 7m (47:46) had a longer day today covering for a client. Overall felt good on the run, keep reminding myself to relax and not press the pace down any further.

Wed - My one lazy morning, alarm went off and I wimped out on getting up.

6pm- 9m (2m time trial) Met up with Pete, Aaron and Macknight at the track for a planned 2m. The goal was to try and run quick and controlled, also to give an idea on where the fitness level is. After a botched first attempt at starting (some of us were thinking 3200 while Aaron  was holding true to 2m.) the first 1/4 we caught some lap traffic and had a little mishap, Eric ran into someone and I just missed another. The pace got a little hot early was thinking 75-76 on the back of the pack instead was 72. The rest of the run was tough those 3 held that pace or close to for the next few laps. Right around the mile I saw Pete coming back and wanted to use him as a target (try to reel him in then close together) no dice Pete stepped off the track. I hung on for the next 2 laps before yelling to Pete to help me out. Nothing to impressive 10:39. The positives - no residual from the marathon, also I had noted a need for this next cycle was to work on some speed (this showed I need it) the other plus is I know with a few weeks of workouts this time will come down quickly.

Thurs - 515am - 3+ (27:20) sweet rd loop

7pm - 7m (50:31) first 5 in neighborhoods with Macknight. Added a loop thru the complex.

Fri - 930am - 3+ (25:40) sweet rd loop

545pm - 4+ (32:33) miller rd loop with Macknight.

Sat - 830am - 9m (firecracker 4 - 22:32) race report to follow.

430pm - 3+ (24:22)

Sun - 930am - 13m (1:31:18) awesome group run. From Joe's to Dan&Kelly's. Followed by a cookout. Not a bad way to end the weekend.

Summary - 72m with 1 ok workout and 1 good race.

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