Tuesday, July 14, 2015

7/13 - 7/19

Mon - 530pm - 7m (51:26) met with Shaun in SPAC for an easy run in the heat. 

730pm - 1h massage

Tues - 615am - 5m (38:20) thru the neighborhoods. Could feel some tightness from the massage last night, otherwise felt good.

715pm - 10m (1:09:39) lake rd loop with Macknight. Legs were a little tired towards the end.

Wed- 720am - 3+ (25:02) sweet rd loop.

6pm - 11+ UAlbany track (3m tempo, 4x800, 6x200) goal - GMP on the 3m, 800's at current 5k pace and finish out some strong 2's. After an easy 2m warm up we changed up and headed to the start of the 3m (a permiter SUNY loop)  right off the pace of the 3m wasn't GMP but I just rolled with it, finished up in 16:59 took a 5-7min break getting back to the track then hoped into the 8's i thought 240's would be good (slightly faster then current fitness) these were tough right away 242/247/248/255. The original plan had list 6 of these but after struggling home to a 255 I knew it was time to bag it. Took a min after the final 800 and changed shoes, and made my way over to the 200 mark. Knowing how tired I felt this was a good opportunity to work on my speed, closed out the workout in 32/32/32/33/31/31. We finished up with a world record pace cooldown (first mile in 920) also during the cool down I had a first, not full blown but did have a little vomit session. I've never vomited from running before, damn this workout was tough.

Thurs - 9.5m (1:16:12) killed it, absolutely crushed the pace! Oh oh wait yea...nice and easy loop with Macknight, both of us felt pretty beat up from yesterday. Keep the pace very easy, good recovery day.

Fri - 445pm - 10m (1:10:53) w/Pete in Kinns park.

630pm - 25min Aqua jog @ the Y

Sat - 930am - 12m (track) 800/4x400/4x200/4x150 (full rest) went down to Shen high school, easy 4m warm up. 
Times - 227/73/72/72/71/32/33/33/32/23/22/21/21
Really happy with this workout felt smooth and strong the entire workout, even as the temps raised.

730pm - 3+ (24:23) sweet rd loop

Sun- 1030am - 10m (1:10:16) w/Saratoga boys. Man it was hot out, plenty of water stops along the way.

515pm - 5m (33:28) neighborhood loop just before the storms hit.

Summary - 85m - 2 good workouts! Need to lock down my long runs, Sunday the sound of 5 solo miles I that heat wasn't going to happen opted for the double.

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