Monday, December 17, 2012

12/17 - 12/23

Mon - 5+ (34:37) It was cold and raining all day, bundled up for a easy run thinking it was going to be bad out. Completely wrong was totally over dressed for the run, anyways felt good...back to work tomorrow
Tues - 10+ (66:44) felt good we held a conversation the entire run which was refreshing. Lifted upper body afterwards, to the track tomorrow
Wed - 10m (3x1k/6x200) took 800 rest on the 1k and full rest on the 2's. The goal was to go 310/305/300 then 35-30. Was a bit nervous about the pace for the 1k after the races last weekend, got in a easy 3m warm up and changed into flats did a half a stride and immediately felt my shin. I had this issue last year just need to ice my ankle and the shin goes away (something with the a tendon that gets irritated) switched back into my trainers and jogged around to losing the shin back up. Once we go going the shin was a non-issue..313/309/307/35/34/33/32/32/30 Felt really good the whole workout. I cut the cool down short a bit just to take it easy on my shin.
Thurs - 0 shin/ankle were sore right from the start. Tried to run but after getting to the entrance of the complex decided it wasn't worth the discomfort and went back home to ice.
Fri - 0 shin/ankle are feeling much better decided to give it one more day.
Sat - 12m BU mini meet #2 did the tough double of 3k/mile. The 3k was rough they put 8 in the first heat then 18 in 2nd withy times ranging from 835-925. Got pulled out a bit faster then I wanted, just keep racing to try and hang on. Faded hard in the final 600 to a 945 (ouch) got a long break before the mile heat 7 ran well and went much better then last week was in last thru 200 in almost 40 was able to move up once everything cleared up ended in 450 new season pr.
Sun- 15m (1:42:22) solo in Barrington/Dover.

Total - 52m

Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10 - 12/16

Mon - 5m (34:20) Nice recovery day from yesterday's long run. Was 40 and raining out, legs were a bit sore from running the trails yesterday.
Tues - 7m track workout (2xmile 4x200) this workout went ok. Nothing to special, aside from it being cold and dark when I got to the track I still don't feel smooth when I try to run fast. Splits : 5:34/5:30/35/35/34/35..not sure what its gonna take for these to turn around. Maybe I'll see something this weekend at the first BU meet.
Wed - 7m (46:28) had to work later today to cover for some people that are in training. Also had to be in Albany for 730 to pick up Eric. Felt good on the run it was pretty nice out.
Thurs - 6+ (39:42) Got out just after 6 for a easy run. Felt pretty good, we almost got hit by a older driver they decided to try and pass then turn in front of us. Led to a bit of confusion.
Fri - 3m (21:16) short shakeout before the mini tomorrow. Headed to the mill afterwards for a Christmas party with some friends from work.
Sat - 7m (BU Mini Meet) Wow did this one hurt, its been about a year since I have been on the track and I could feel it. Mad a tone of mistakes in the mile (at one point in lane 3 on a turn trying to pass) legs didn't really respond to well and it showed in the results. Came back later in the 800 and just treated it as a workout to my surprise I felt a lot smoother and didn't die, although it wasn't anything to write home about it's a starting point and looking forward to the next race. Results 4:55(2:22,2:33) Woof / 2:17 (69high,67.)
Sun - 15m (1:41:17) Out and back 52:33 out 48:43 back on the bike path with the willow guys. Two weeks ago we ran with the group and I got crushed on the way back when everyone decided to drop the hammer on the way home. Today I was ready for it and sat back most of the run until we had about 20mins to go. Surprisingly enough there was no surge by the pack, other then myself and Eric picking it up a bit over the final mile to close out the run. Felt really smooth the last couple miles, kinda surprising what one track race and a shock to the system can do for your runs.

Total - 50m with 2 ok races for the time frame.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/3 - 12/9

Mon - Off
Tues - 10m (1:07:57) had to work late so I needed to run the morning, which was awesome to get to run in the daylight.
Wed - 7m (8x400) half rest. Eric was going to Cali, so I was set out to do the workout solo. Took a bit of self-motivation to get out the door. The workout went well first speed workout of the season, can't wait till those other gears come back. (75,75,74,75,75,76,74,74)
Thurs - Am 5+ (35:41) Day off from work and didn't get out until 12, being a bit lazy
Pm - 3m (22:14) no motivation to get out the door just needed to get something in.
Fri - 7m (50:41) in Pisgah with Hammett, it was awesome to be on the trails
Sat - 8m - Went to the jingle bell 5k with Hammett, I needed to do a 20min tempo and figured this would work well. It was 33 and raining I now agree with Hammett  but that is by far the worst possible weather. 5k didn't go to well 17:51 but oh well things happen.
Sun - 18*ish (2:21:05) Couldn't turn down the opportunity to run with Ferenc and Bojo. We knew it was going to be keep under control as Ferenc has be sick and is coming back. A awesome run with the guys and the girls. I was extremely happy to be on trails again..Man do I miss the trails.

Total - 58m