Thursday, October 31, 2013

10/28 - 11/3

Mon- 7m (43:00) did a progression run with some good climbs in the beginning and towards the end of the run. Started out at 6:43 for the first mile 2-6 were 6:10-6:15 and the final mile in 5:47 

Tues - 7+(50:23) with Derrick. Before heading to fleet feet to do some weight training. 

Wed - am 3+ (23:30) w/ Derrick
Pm - 9m track workout. Went with the classic KSC workout of mile/2x800/4x400 on half rest. Everything felt good except my hamstrings which were tight from lifting the previous day.
Times: 510/234/237/73/74/75/74 
Was really happy with how the workout went and how I felt going thru it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great Pumpkin 5k

11/19 - headed over to SPAC for the Great Pumpkin 5k had heard it was a PR course until the week of when I received notice that the course had been changed. Met up with Shaun for a easy 2m before the race. Back to change up with 10 mins to spare, got over to the line noticing how many people were at the race. Got of the line well right with Shaun, we were side by side going into the park. Right from the start there were a lot of tight turns, this added to the effort needed to go with Shaun. After the mile mark Shaun pulled away he checked to see how I was doing, I knew this wasn't going to be a pr day I planned to keep trying to chase Shaun the course continued to have some tight turns until around 2m. We were finally on open road and had some good running, that didn't last long as we took a hair pin turn to a gravel hill. Once up the hill there was about .5m left, I was able to get 2nd in 16:58. For what the course was I was happy with the results, this was more like a XC race then a road race. It seemed a lot of people felt that way.

Overall it was a good effort and no complaints. Knowing I was 30secs off Shaun who has been running sub 16 lately made me more comfortable with the time.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/14 - 10/20

Mon- 9m (61:00) with Shaun around toga 

Tues - 9m (6x800 half rest) went with Derrick to the track, got the normal 2m warm up. Any other good workout down (238/238/236/237/238/232) felt really relaxed and was able to feel smooth. Getting excited to race again soon.

Wed - 6m (42:04) bypassed the morning run and just stuck to the afternoon plan.

Thurs - 8+ (53:30) thru in a 3m tempo on the bike path. Goal was 17:30-18:00 and to be in full control. Went well (6:07/5:57:5:45) feeling good with a race coming up this weekend.

Fri - am 3+ (24:20)
Pm - 3++ (25:30)

Sat- am 7m (great pumpkin 5k) 2nd 16:58
Pm - 5.5 (39:30)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/7 - 10/13

Mon- 5m (35:34) easy run got out late

Tues - 8m (3x800/400, 4x200) half rest
Went well (2:39/2:37/2:35/75/75/74/36/35/35/34) legs felt weird but overall good.

Wed- am 3m (23:50)
Pm - 7m (48:20) with Eric felt really easy

Thrus - 7m (42:12) planned tempo run, goal was 43m felt really good, everything felt very smooth. 

Fri- 5m (36:29) easy shake out before heading to Hartford 
Pm- 3m with Eric around Hartford. Some how ended up in the ghetto again. 2nd year in a row.

Sat- am - 5m (n/t)
Pm - 5+ (49:40) with Eric's dad around newtown

Sun - 12m (1:20:23) in stony creek. Headed out a new direction today and got the first 6 basically down hill. Pushed on the way back with the climbs. Felt good

Total - 60m 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9/30 - 10/6

Mon - 7m (48:16) with Derrick and Eric. Felt good after the day off yesterday, made a point to push up each climb.

Tues - Am - Lift (legs, chest, back, arms and abs)
Pm - 8m (6x400, 6x200) 200 rest - Same workout as last week: Goal was 77-75 and 35-34 wanted to be faster then last week. Did a 2m warm up before getting on the track. 1st 400 (80) Shit - convinced myself it would be ok and just needed to step on the gas a little more next 5 (75,75,74,73,73) jogged off 200 then 6x200 (35,35,35,35,34,34) Felt really good, legs felt better then I expected after the morning lift. 2m cool down - seems my luck with dogs continues (not as bad this time) with in the first mile heard a dog but couldn't see it till the last second big ole mix all black in the dark, it happened to stay in it yard but didn't stop me from shooting across the street.

Wed - am - 3m (22:26)
Pm -7m (46:30) bit quicker then planned but every time we made the effort to slow the pace the next mile went by faster. Oh well no need to fight it

Thurs - Am- same as Tuesday 
Pm- 9m (6x800,400 rest) workout #2 felt good going into it did my morning lifting again and finally have my head wrapped around doing some workouts. Checked with Eric on times to make sure I wasn't thinking unrealistic and also not thinking of times that would be to easy. Was able to go (2:39/38/39/39/39/35) keep the rest honest at 1:50. 27:06 for the 4.5m on the track for a avg of 6 min pace.

Fri - 7.5m (53:00) In Warwick with Brandon did a nice loop mix of road and trail.

Sat - 10m (70:48) ran up to the summit of Mt. Grace with Brandon. Was a good run..went to the KSC invite in the morning 

Sun - 12+ (83:34) with Eric, felt pretty good after the weekend away. 

Total - 64m 

2 good workouts and some solid runs over the weekend