Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9/30 - 10/6

Mon - 7m (48:16) with Derrick and Eric. Felt good after the day off yesterday, made a point to push up each climb.

Tues - Am - Lift (legs, chest, back, arms and abs)
Pm - 8m (6x400, 6x200) 200 rest - Same workout as last week: Goal was 77-75 and 35-34 wanted to be faster then last week. Did a 2m warm up before getting on the track. 1st 400 (80) Shit - convinced myself it would be ok and just needed to step on the gas a little more next 5 (75,75,74,73,73) jogged off 200 then 6x200 (35,35,35,35,34,34) Felt really good, legs felt better then I expected after the morning lift. 2m cool down - seems my luck with dogs continues (not as bad this time) with in the first mile heard a dog but couldn't see it till the last second big ole mix all black in the dark, it happened to stay in it yard but didn't stop me from shooting across the street.

Wed - am - 3m (22:26)
Pm -7m (46:30) bit quicker then planned but every time we made the effort to slow the pace the next mile went by faster. Oh well no need to fight it

Thurs - Am- same as Tuesday 
Pm- 9m (6x800,400 rest) workout #2 felt good going into it did my morning lifting again and finally have my head wrapped around doing some workouts. Checked with Eric on times to make sure I wasn't thinking unrealistic and also not thinking of times that would be to easy. Was able to go (2:39/38/39/39/39/35) keep the rest honest at 1:50. 27:06 for the 4.5m on the track for a avg of 6 min pace.

Fri - 7.5m (53:00) In Warwick with Brandon did a nice loop mix of road and trail.

Sat - 10m (70:48) ran up to the summit of Mt. Grace with Brandon. Was a good run..went to the KSC invite in the morning 

Sun - 12+ (83:34) with Eric, felt pretty good after the weekend away. 

Total - 64m 

2 good workouts and some solid runs over the weekend

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