Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/7 - 10/13

Mon- 5m (35:34) easy run got out late

Tues - 8m (3x800/400, 4x200) half rest
Went well (2:39/2:37/2:35/75/75/74/36/35/35/34) legs felt weird but overall good.

Wed- am 3m (23:50)
Pm - 7m (48:20) with Eric felt really easy

Thrus - 7m (42:12) planned tempo run, goal was 43m felt really good, everything felt very smooth. 

Fri- 5m (36:29) easy shake out before heading to Hartford 
Pm- 3m with Eric around Hartford. Some how ended up in the ghetto again. 2nd year in a row.

Sat- am - 5m (n/t)
Pm - 5+ (49:40) with Eric's dad around newtown

Sun - 12m (1:20:23) in stony creek. Headed out a new direction today and got the first 6 basically down hill. Pushed on the way back with the climbs. Felt good

Total - 60m 

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