Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great Pumpkin 5k

11/19 - headed over to SPAC for the Great Pumpkin 5k had heard it was a PR course until the week of when I received notice that the course had been changed. Met up with Shaun for a easy 2m before the race. Back to change up with 10 mins to spare, got over to the line noticing how many people were at the race. Got of the line well right with Shaun, we were side by side going into the park. Right from the start there were a lot of tight turns, this added to the effort needed to go with Shaun. After the mile mark Shaun pulled away he checked to see how I was doing, I knew this wasn't going to be a pr day I planned to keep trying to chase Shaun the course continued to have some tight turns until around 2m. We were finally on open road and had some good running, that didn't last long as we took a hair pin turn to a gravel hill. Once up the hill there was about .5m left, I was able to get 2nd in 16:58. For what the course was I was happy with the results, this was more like a XC race then a road race. It seemed a lot of people felt that way.

Overall it was a good effort and no complaints. Knowing I was 30secs off Shaun who has been running sub 16 lately made me more comfortable with the time.

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