Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WK 1

Official the first week of the new training log! Time to get back to updating the blog, and to answer Boj's question before he asks the week number is just easier and (actual) trying something new.

Mon - 10+ - headed out to Miller rd for some hill repeats, got in a 3m warm up + strides.
Goal 5-6 x 800 repeats plan to run relaxed and get up the hill. Was interesting to do a workout with only the headlamps for light. times - 3:04/3:02/3:02/3:01/2:57. had a 2++ cool down back to the house.

Tues - Am - 3m - 24:23 W/Derrick (legs pretty sore)

Pm - 5m - 36:47 on treadmill started snowing out and plan cold (no want to deal with this on a solo run)

Wed - 12m - 1:21:09 Was planning to do the Hang Over Half and see where I was at, that didn't happen got a horrible nights sleep and my body felt like shit. I pulled the plug at 7m and jogged off 3m to complete the day. Off day but looking forward to the rest of the year, and got some useful advice...In short "you need to have a race and pull your head outta your ass" and i agree 100% sometimes you just need someone else to remind you of that.

Thurs - 5m (31:22) last mile 5:11 on treadmill. Didn't start my run till 8:45 was happy with the run. Last mile hurt I need to do that more often

Fri - 0 Traveled over to keene right after work

Sat - 5m (at the track)

Sun - 10m - 1:09:22 was real nice to run beech hill while in keene, roads were quite and had some decent weather.

Total - 51m

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 review

A little early on the 2013 review but with the racing season done I'll get this done early. This year was a mixed bag I started the year with a few poor performances (again). I made the decision to switch things up and have someone else coach me. This was a completely different approach then I had ever taken with training. Most of the time I was tired and not seeing the results when I raced, I was assured that this is how I should feel at the time and things would turn around. Unfortunately my body had different plans, around mid June/early July my achilles acted up for the first time in a while. This lead to a solid 3/4 weeks off, in that time it was a nice physical and mental break from running. This also began to fuel the fire again, I began to look around at what some others were doing and what I had done in the past. One HUGE portion that I noticed is a lot of ppl were out working me. Doing the miles and the niddy griddy (as Wilson would put it). Once I resumed training it was back to square 1, this involved a slow build up and racing back into shape. This got me a season pr in the 5k and the best 5k in the past few years of 16:38 (nothing amazing but a step). Along with this the decision was made to add strides and weight training back into the plan. Luckily the fleet feet team has a personal trainer (man it's tough). All this brought back the hunger and the mind set that I need to get back to out working ppl and everything will fall back into place.

As far as 2014 go I look forward to the challenge of getting it back. I'm going to continue with the weights and extra stuff. Also want to get back to how I was in college (being a mileage hound) which started again this past week with a nice 16m run to end the week. I hope by putting in all the work the results will come......only time will tell

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stockade - athon

Sunday 11/10 - was the stockade-athon 15k. We arrived around 7:30 and got over to the brooks tent to drop off our bags and get out of the cold. Around 8:15 we headed out for a easy warm up in preparation for the race, legs were feeling good only thing to decide was what to wear. 8:55 I headed to the start line, the start for this race is different then most they split the men and women to get equal space on the front line. I tucked into the 2nd row and awaited the gun. Shortly after 9am we were off it took about half a mile but I eventually tucked into a group which included a few of the stoten women and Sara from the fleet feet team. After mile 2 the group was a bit smaller with myself, Eamon the 2 stoten girls and another guy from ARE. We moved thru the course pretty well and continued to stay together. We hit the 5k mark in 17:34, the course then drops for a 1m - 1.5. Once back on the flats I felt a urge to make a move but decided against it (poor choice) we came thru 5m in 28:22, shortly after I began to slow and Eamon took the lead. He yelled and motioned for me to get on his shoulder and hang on but again I didn't respond ( another poor choice) 
Over the next 3m I struggled to get moving or change gears. Once I hit the 8m mark I was able to change gears and get moving again, I was able to finish in 55:23 which is a pr for the course. 

There were some positives and negatives from the race:
Positives: I felt really relaxed thru 5m and confirmed I am in pretty good shape.
Negatives: I didn't go when I felt the urge and also didn't go when Eamon told me to come with him.
I need to get tougher and trust my training.

Below are some photos from the race. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

10/28 - 11/3

Mon- 7m (43:00) did a progression run with some good climbs in the beginning and towards the end of the run. Started out at 6:43 for the first mile 2-6 were 6:10-6:15 and the final mile in 5:47 

Tues - 7+(50:23) with Derrick. Before heading to fleet feet to do some weight training. 

Wed - am 3+ (23:30) w/ Derrick
Pm - 9m track workout. Went with the classic KSC workout of mile/2x800/4x400 on half rest. Everything felt good except my hamstrings which were tight from lifting the previous day.
Times: 510/234/237/73/74/75/74 
Was really happy with how the workout went and how I felt going thru it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great Pumpkin 5k

11/19 - headed over to SPAC for the Great Pumpkin 5k had heard it was a PR course until the week of when I received notice that the course had been changed. Met up with Shaun for a easy 2m before the race. Back to change up with 10 mins to spare, got over to the line noticing how many people were at the race. Got of the line well right with Shaun, we were side by side going into the park. Right from the start there were a lot of tight turns, this added to the effort needed to go with Shaun. After the mile mark Shaun pulled away he checked to see how I was doing, I knew this wasn't going to be a pr day I planned to keep trying to chase Shaun the course continued to have some tight turns until around 2m. We were finally on open road and had some good running, that didn't last long as we took a hair pin turn to a gravel hill. Once up the hill there was about .5m left, I was able to get 2nd in 16:58. For what the course was I was happy with the results, this was more like a XC race then a road race. It seemed a lot of people felt that way.

Overall it was a good effort and no complaints. Knowing I was 30secs off Shaun who has been running sub 16 lately made me more comfortable with the time.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/14 - 10/20

Mon- 9m (61:00) with Shaun around toga 

Tues - 9m (6x800 half rest) went with Derrick to the track, got the normal 2m warm up. Any other good workout down (238/238/236/237/238/232) felt really relaxed and was able to feel smooth. Getting excited to race again soon.

Wed - 6m (42:04) bypassed the morning run and just stuck to the afternoon plan.

Thurs - 8+ (53:30) thru in a 3m tempo on the bike path. Goal was 17:30-18:00 and to be in full control. Went well (6:07/5:57:5:45) feeling good with a race coming up this weekend.

Fri - am 3+ (24:20)
Pm - 3++ (25:30)

Sat- am 7m (great pumpkin 5k) 2nd 16:58
Pm - 5.5 (39:30)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/7 - 10/13

Mon- 5m (35:34) easy run got out late

Tues - 8m (3x800/400, 4x200) half rest
Went well (2:39/2:37/2:35/75/75/74/36/35/35/34) legs felt weird but overall good.

Wed- am 3m (23:50)
Pm - 7m (48:20) with Eric felt really easy

Thrus - 7m (42:12) planned tempo run, goal was 43m felt really good, everything felt very smooth. 

Fri- 5m (36:29) easy shake out before heading to Hartford 
Pm- 3m with Eric around Hartford. Some how ended up in the ghetto again. 2nd year in a row.

Sat- am - 5m (n/t)
Pm - 5+ (49:40) with Eric's dad around newtown

Sun - 12m (1:20:23) in stony creek. Headed out a new direction today and got the first 6 basically down hill. Pushed on the way back with the climbs. Felt good

Total - 60m 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9/30 - 10/6

Mon - 7m (48:16) with Derrick and Eric. Felt good after the day off yesterday, made a point to push up each climb.

Tues - Am - Lift (legs, chest, back, arms and abs)
Pm - 8m (6x400, 6x200) 200 rest - Same workout as last week: Goal was 77-75 and 35-34 wanted to be faster then last week. Did a 2m warm up before getting on the track. 1st 400 (80) Shit - convinced myself it would be ok and just needed to step on the gas a little more next 5 (75,75,74,73,73) jogged off 200 then 6x200 (35,35,35,35,34,34) Felt really good, legs felt better then I expected after the morning lift. 2m cool down - seems my luck with dogs continues (not as bad this time) with in the first mile heard a dog but couldn't see it till the last second big ole mix all black in the dark, it happened to stay in it yard but didn't stop me from shooting across the street.

Wed - am - 3m (22:26)
Pm -7m (46:30) bit quicker then planned but every time we made the effort to slow the pace the next mile went by faster. Oh well no need to fight it

Thurs - Am- same as Tuesday 
Pm- 9m (6x800,400 rest) workout #2 felt good going into it did my morning lifting again and finally have my head wrapped around doing some workouts. Checked with Eric on times to make sure I wasn't thinking unrealistic and also not thinking of times that would be to easy. Was able to go (2:39/38/39/39/39/35) keep the rest honest at 1:50. 27:06 for the 4.5m on the track for a avg of 6 min pace.

Fri - 7.5m (53:00) In Warwick with Brandon did a nice loop mix of road and trail.

Sat - 10m (70:48) ran up to the summit of Mt. Grace with Brandon. Was a good run..went to the KSC invite in the morning 

Sun - 12+ (83:34) with Eric, felt pretty good after the weekend away. 

Total - 64m 

2 good workouts and some solid runs over the weekend

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9/23 - 9/29

Mon - 5m (39:10) legs were beat 
Tues - 10+ (6x400) (6x200) (200 rest) legs loosened up during the day so I decided to give it a go. Went well for the first workout (79/77/77/77/75/77/36/35/36/35/36/34)
Wed - am 3m 22:36
Pm - 4.5 32:46 Calfs shot
Thrus - 7m (48:32) zim smith bike path. Calfs still sore but a little better
Fri- 3m 
Sat - 10m (fam 5k 17:10) Calfs were sore.
Sun - 0m Calfs still hurting decided for a day off. Got in the hot tub for a while afterwards

Total 43m 
Need to get the miles up and do some excersices for the Calfs.

Dunkin 10k

9/22 - was the dunkin 10k, I was hoping to be around mid 34. Got a easy 2m in before the race, once we were off I settled in with Nick Webster and Kent Lemme. I was able to stick with them till about 1.5m, I could tell pretty early my legs weren't there. I came thru the 5k in 17:30-17:35 I knew I was a bit slow but knew I needed to keep fighting. The second 5k was run completely solo, ended up finishing 6th in 35:45. On the cool down I started to bonk after about 10mins, re-assured that this effort was all I had on the day. Happy with the progress but I know I've got a lot of work to do.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9/16 - 9/22

Mon - 7m (48:53) normal loop with Eric
Tues - 6+ (42:21) got out late and thru the reflective vest on. 
Wed - am 7++ (55:30) wanted to get my whole run done in the morning. Had to break out the winter gear for the brisk 35 degrees
Thurs - 8+ (58:05) with Eric 
Fri- 0
Sat - 5m (36:01) in Stoney Creek pretty hilly
Sun - am 11m (dunkin 10k 35:45) not fully in 10k shape but it was a good test and stayed tough.
Pm - 5m (33:46) felt really good..was wondering where that feeling was this morning.

Total - 50m

Next week is the USATF 5k champs so I will stay around 50-55m before ramping up to mod 60's thru October 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/9 - 9/15

Mon - 9+ (63:52) on Simba trails with Shaun and Eric
Tues - 7m - Attempted to do a track workout. No go legs felt like trash. Going to continue to just run and go faster when I feel good and race. opposed to trying and forcing workouts
Wed - 0m Legs felt tired
Thurs - 7.5m (49:36) Felt good and relaxed
Fri- am 3m (22:xx)
Pm -0 cold and raining (not worth it)
Sat- 7m (45:43) in Stoney Creek.
Sun - 12m (1:20:08) in Stoney Creek, out towards Harrisburg an back. It is climbing the entire way out and down hill back to the house. 

Total - 46m (6days) 

9/2 - 9/8

Mon - 5m (37:20) with Brandon. Planned for 7 but legs were tired
Tues - 6m (41:23) with Shaun and Megan between shifts at work. Felt a bit better
Wed - 7m (44:24)
Thurs - 7m (48:22) on bike path
Fri - 5m (35:22) with Eric
Sat - 7m (MBPA 5k)
Sun - 12m w/ Alex, Megan and Ricardo

Total - 49m

Took a bit to recover from alumni, had a good race Saturday..I think my fastest in the past 2 years

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Saturday 9/7 was the MBPA 5k in Malta NY. The head sponsor is global foundries and there is a inside bonus for ring the first global employee. After last weeks alumni race I thought realistically I could run 16:50-17:00. I the plan was to run relaxed and go out smart 525-530, once I arrived I saw someone who looked fast warming up (shamus nally) so my thought was right he is fast. I knew Eamon was going to be there and also ran into Aaron. Right before the start Eamon an myself jokes about not being out under 520. That went out the window really quickly, at 400 I was sitting in 7th with 2 global ppl near me. I pushed up towards the leaders but never fully came in contact with them, I saw them going thru the mile at 455-457 and came thru in 5:07 I immediately thought I was in trouble with the early pace. I made the effort to try and close the gap, as the course went onto the global site I got a boost from my co-workers cheering, I came thru 2m in 10:34 and was able to see the pack behind me was a ways back. Over the last mile I tried to use the down hill coming off the site to gain some ground. I was unable to close the gap on the leaders but was very surprised to see the clock coming into the home stretch. I was able to grab 4th place (1st global) in 16:38 which was very surprising. I asked the immediate question about the length and was assured by several ppl that it is certified and correct. This was a huge boost in confidence and the first sign that my training and racing are coming around.

Monday, August 26, 2013

8/26 - 9/1

Mon - 9m (1:00:16) Luther forest trails w/ Shaun and Eric. legs felt a bit tired
Tues - am 5.25 (40:18) w/Renee
pm - 3m (22:07)
Wed - am 5.25 (37:50)
Pm - 2.85 (17:27) 
Thurs - 0 
Fri - 3+ (22:30) 
Sat - 9m (KSC alumni race 18:11) pretty happy with the results. Only 30 secs back from last year and was in much better shape then. 
Sun - 11m (76:00) with Brandon - went to the pisgah state park, we planned for 45-60 mins it was pretty got before we started. Got turned around in some trails until I noticed signs that would send us towards Hammetts house. Popped out there and swung by the house to see if he was home. Decided to run the roads back so we wouldn't get lost again..nice 2m climb back to the car.

Total- 48m with 1 good race

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/19 - 8/25

Mon - 5.5m (38:43) nice easy run after yesterday being my longest in a while
Tues - am 7.5m (57:00) in Saratoga with Renee and Jeff N 
Pm - 3+ (23:20) nice easy shakeout between shifts
Wed - am 3+ (25:31) met up with Derrick 
Pm- 7+ (48:50) did a new loop going past the castle and doubling back to climb up sweet rd. having run past the castle is some time so I was cool to go by
Thurs - 8.5 (1:01:30) legs felt a bit heavy but kept everything relaxed
Fri - 5+ (36:00) 
Sat - run for the future 5k, 2nd overall 17:29...8m
Sun - 11m first 10 in 67:30 followed by a easy mile with Cayden and a few 150m sprints aka racing him down the road..I lost both times the 70m lead didn't help

Total - 59m 

Friday, August 16, 2013

8/12 - 8/18

Mon - 5m (harness track mile) finished 5th in 5:05 
Tues - off 
Wed - am - 5m (33:30)
Pm - 3m (19:00)
Thurs - 7m (45:56)
Fri - 8m (track - mile/800/2x200) 
5:19/2:42/31/31 had it planned to do a bigger workout but was a bit more then I could handle.
Sat - 0 
Sun - 9m 1:02:34 felt good running on some quite roads out of Stony Creek 

Total- 38m

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Mon- 7m (49:02) legs felt surprisingly good
Tues - 7m (44:56) 3x30/60/90 legs a bit heavy but was able to change gears pretty well
Wed - 5.4m (39:14) Nice and easy with Derrick and Eric
Thurs - 7m (4x800) half rest (2:32/2:33/2:33/2:38) got out to slow on the last one and just don't have that turn over to make up for it. Was supposed to do 200's after but felt shot.
Fri- 4+ (35:00) nice easy morning run
Sat - 7m - danran 5k plan was to pace Renee thru 2 and try to close..legs felt like junk on the warm up and nothing changed when the race started..shut it down at the mile and jogged in..18:14 was pretty surprised considering how easy I was running.
Sun - 7+m (46:13) felt really relaxed. The 2nd half of the run was mostly downhill and flat which made up for alot of time

Total - 45m

Monday, August 5, 2013

Run 4 Kerri

8/4 - was the run for Kerri 4m in RI, traveled down the night prior to stay in RI and be closer to the race. We arrived at 645 for the 9 am start relaxed in the school with Matt and Jill. Went for a nice 2m warm up at 8:15 before heading back to the "elite" area. I had my race plan in mind hoping it would play out that way, considering this was only my 10th day of running since the beginning of July. We were out to the line about 10 mins before the gun, ran into Jonny Hammett before the start which was cool to see more people I know and catch up. I tucked into the 4th row for the start the plan was to try and run 530s for as long as possible. The first mile was smooth and relaxed as I was tucked into a nice group, thru the mile 524 everything felt good and the Achilles was not noticeable at all (good sign) over the next mile I continued to remind myself to stay in the group and wait to try and push. This worked well for a bit until the top women went by and some of the guys took off with her. Over the 2nd mile things felt good split 535.
The third mile things started to fall off the pace slipped and I came thru 3 in 16:57. After a short hill to 3 my legs felt shot, and people were going right by. At about 3.5 I noticed one of the elites coming by and made a push to go, to my surprise there was some response from my legs (not enough to run anyone down but some) I finished up 25th in 22:57 I was very happy with this race considering I had been hurt and not in the best shape.

Afterward we went to Scott's parents for a cookout before hitting the road back to NY...this is definitely a race I will do again next year and urge people to go..well organized and great place to run fast.

Monday, March 25, 2013

3/18-3/24 (rest week)

0m this week, the plan was to take a break after the winter to avoid the mid-end if summer crash.
Hammett had stated on Sunday that no running might make my legs hurt longer after the half. Boy they hurt every morning until Thursday, my calfs and hamstrings were locking up when I would get out of bed. Always made for a interesting morning wondering if I might fall. By Friday my legs felt fine, looking forward to starting to run again.

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Bedford

3/17 - Today was the New Bedford Half the 2nd race of the GP series. Was thinking I could run around 76mins, had a short trip over to the race as we stayed about 15mins away from the race. Arrived nice and early to get my number and catch up with some of the guys. Got in a east 2m warm-up with Hammett before making our way to the starting line, got into the 3rd row partially in a attempt to avoid the wind. I got out pretty relaxed over the first couple miles. I haven't done much for mileage or long runs so the thought of bonking was in the back of my mind, after 2m the lead women caught up to me I tried to stay relaxed and not worry about what was going on around me. Once we hit the down hill miles I tried to pick it up, at 5m Sam Wood was on the course and gave me some encouraging words. Shortly after a runner from TNT went by and I was able to latch on to him, I came thru 10m in 58:43 shortly after this I started to fall apart the last 5k was a struggle. I was happy that I continued to try and fight to catch up with the group in front of me.
Afterwards got in a good cool down with Hammett, Double J and KG quickly made our way inside to grab some food and relax for a bit before hitting the road.

Overall a rough day.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Mon- 8.5 (60:50) legs were a bit sore from yesterday.
Tues - 9.5 (64:59) Had to find a new way home with the highway closed due to a accident. Was ready to run right away, not bad out a bit of rain but still warm. Had to change my planned run to swing thru the high school..needed a restroom.
Wed - 7m (40:18) progression run. Decided to stay away from the track today and get in a solid progression run instead. Good choice felt pretty good and was able to close out at 5:19 for my last mile.
Thurs - 5m (35:34) a bit tired today. Figured keep it light with the race this weekend.
Fri - 5m (40:13) maybe a bit long got some soft ground running in.
Sat - 3m (21:51) down in fair haven.
Sun- 17m New Bedford half

Monday, March 11, 2013

Paddys 5 Miler

3/10/13 - Paddys 5 mile in Portsmouth NH. Woke up around 730 for some breakfast before heading down to the race. I was supposed to do this once before in the first year but it was horrible weather and I decided to bail. This time around it was pretty good weather. I arrived at 9am and met up with Bob Wiles to catch up for a bit. Quickly ran into Chris and Heather Mahoney and talked about the course. Shortly after we set out for a 3m warm up, myself heather and Nate Jenkins. Chris races the day before so he was not running. The race started at 1030 I quickly settled into the chase pack, no one went with Nate we all just ran the race for 2nd. I launched on to the back of the pack and had the plan to no make any moves early, we clicked they the mile in 5:26 on guy made a move and another tried to cover I bumped up into 4th just trying to keep everyone close. We came thru 2m with a 5:28 the next mile I moved into 3rd only for a short time (maybe half a mile) the last 3m seemed to be much tougher then I had thought. Nate had mentioned it on the warm up of how it seems you could run faster in that section then you do. Mile 3 ended up being 5:59 I decided to dig deep and try and push forward, so after another running cruises by me he cover the gap between myself and 3rd quickly and was quickly out of sight. I pushed up the hill to mile 4 now being in 5th place, at about 4.5 the last person went by me which has lead to some confusion as he was not in the results. As I approached the finish both Chris and Bob we telling me to go and that he was done. I took off after him and with 100 to go someone tipped of the other runner as he was able to hold me off. Afterwards we got in a nice 3m cool down before the awards.

Overall I finished in 28:46 good for 5th thought I was 6th but can't complain. This was a fun race and enjoyed the course. I want to go back again and try and be a bit more fit for the event next time.

Next on the list is New Bedford half this weekend. I am much more confident going into this then I was for DH jones hoping to be under 76mins

Monday, March 4, 2013

3/4 - 3/10

Mon- 7m (45:20) 2m warm up 8x min on/ min off 2m down. Covered 2.8m over the 16m avg. 5:42 pace.
Tues - Am 5m (36:58) Legs a bit sore. right knee was a bit sore today from the run sunday (aka all my falling)
Pm - 5m (37:09)
Wed - 11m (Track Workout) Mile, 2x800, 4x400 (Half Rest)
Got in a nice warm up thru the school was about 40 out. The lights were on at the track as the Lax's team was on the field. Workout went really well 5:15/2:35/2:31/74/73/74/69 might have been able to roll a bit more on the last one but coming down the home stretch in the first 200 the lax team was finishing practice and all started walking on the track lane 1-4 I yelled track and got minimal response some of them started to yell at ppl..I have noticed the coaches do nothing about them paying attention when they clearly see us there. As I went threw the group I decided to educate them quickly with "track means get out of the cussing way" (ill steal cussing from Ferenc for that little rant)
Thurs - am 3m (22:57)
Pm - 5.5 (43:08)
Fri - 10m (70:20) Did the first 7 or so with Eric before turning off to make the loop longer and get the full 10.
Sat - 5m (34:34) Keep it easy..was a bit faster then I thought it would be but then again it was really nice out.
Sun - 11m St. Paddy's 5 Miler - 28:46 (race report to follow)

Total - 62m

Sunday, March 3, 2013

2/25 - 3/3

Mon- 0 had thoughts of taking time off. After a pep talk from Sam Wood those thoughts were out the window.
Tues - 8m (57:14) Eric had a loop planned and I followed. It was nice to keep it easy. Need to do this a bit more often.
Wed- Am 5m (38:17) had a training class all day but some time to kill in the morning. After work went to help a former co-worker with some home renovations .
Pm 4m (26:45)
Thurs - Am 3+ (23:20) more renovation work after work.
Pm 6+ (45:20) did a pick up for the last .57 in 3:01 felt good to turn the legs over.
Friday - 5+ (36:17) a bit quick for the day before a race. Everything felt good so no complaints.
Sat - 10m drove to Florence mass with the hope of a low key 5k to get things going. As I headed out for a warm up I saw Chris and Heather and ended warming up with them. Once the race went off it was 5 of us out front. Didn't see many splits on the course but just fought to hold on. We ended up being sent the wrong way for 3m which brought us out behind the finish line. A couple guys had gps watches on to give the total distance and we worked with the times to at least get the time and place right..still messed up in the online results. I ended up 5th with what we figure was 16:50 effort. There was a WMDP guy in front of me who was on 16:40 pace per his watch and I was 10secs back. All in all it worked out got the hard effort I was looking for and my legs felt like they were there.
Afterwards headed to Fyffe's for maple brew fest.
Sun - 9m at Ferenc's house. Went out on. The trails with the crew, the snow was pretty deep having short legs didn't help. Was a fun run tho..felt 7 or 8 times but no one saw cuz I suck at running in deep snow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Mon- 6+ (44:11) nice shakeout run in between the snow and freezing rain. We had about an hour gap between them to sneak a run in.
Tues - 7+ (51:44) didn't get out till 8:30pm it was raining from 5-8 we checked outside at 815 and realized we had a gap between the rain storms.
Wed - 9+ (1:01:22) Overdressed with (half-tights, long and short sleeve, hat and gloves) Big surprise considering its still January. Other then that it was a perfect night for a run, slight fog in some areas and minimal traffic.
Thurs - 8m (58:05) complete change from yesterday...back to cold and windy. Got out the door fairly early tonight before we head out for a bit for Eric's bday!
Fri - 0m Was a bit lazy today, was feeling a bit under the weather. Made the decision to take a day off and get some extra rest.
Sat - Am 5m (33:57) Got out early, keep it really relaxed and felt really comfortable.
Pm - 7m (44:17) Got out around 3pm and just wanted to cover some distance, made a decision on some loops around the area felt really relaxed and could have keep going.
Sun - 20m (2:11:30) Went down to Albany to do the winter series run. They had a 4,10 and 20 mile race, a lot of people were doing the 10 and trying to chase some fast times. Myself, Jim and Joe were all doing the 20m and were looking for a long run, both of those guys are real tough runners. We keep it at a honest pace and Joe had us bouncing between 6:25 - 6:30 pace, I was a bit nervous when I heard the pace only 5m into the run but figured it didn't feel hard so I would stick with them. I stayed with them until about 15m when I originally thought I had fallen off the pace, I continued to cruise along and remind myself it was only a long run and that I didn't want to go to the well to try and catch up. Found out shortly after the finish that they had cranked the pace down to 6:0x's for the final 5m. Overall a great run and good way to finish off the week.

Total - 63m

Happy with the week and looking forward to racing next week at the bradford 5m. This was also a big confidence booster with DH Jones being 3 weeks away. Starting to think I am rounding into shape and ready to run a good race.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/21-1/27 no terrier

Mon - 0m had a going away event for a co-worker. Took a day to relax before I start to bring the miles back up. After Sundays race it confirmed I won't be at the terrier invite haven't run fast enough.
Tues 9+ on the treadmill at PF not sure the distance 100% as on of my ear buds feel out I hit the stop button at about 6m and had to restart. Ended up doing my like 2m with no music as I tried new headphones and they wouldn't stay in. Got some lifting afterwards.
Wed - 9m (60:48) on the treadmill again, this time no real head phone issues. Cracked it down to 520 for the last 2m and with about 200 to go as I hit a hour the treadmill threw a curve ball (cool down) changing the pace very quickly I was able to recover and get it back to 7min pace to close out the 9.
Thurs- 0m felt pretty tired all day and decided to take a nap when I got home. This turned into sleeping till 8 at that point I knew the gym wasn't going to happen. Made some dinner then back to bed at 1030 for a total of 13hrs of sleep.
Fri- 5m (39:40) finally out doors!! Felt a bit off being out side but we were able to get in a easy jog instead of using the treadmill.
Sat- 12m (1:24:xx) in Ballston spa with the willow crew. A bit cold to start but not bad once we got going. Afterwards we headed to Lowell to meet Brandon and Mel, then off to BU to watch Rupp race the mile..it was awesome.
Sun- 15+ (1:42:20) from my parents house. Went down thru Dover then back up the back roads to complete the loop. It was awesome out, a little bit of head wind coming back to Barrington but still a great run.

Total - 50m (5days)

No workout this week with being on the treadmill. Be back to working out this up coming week and possible race at Dartmouth.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Mon - 0 scheduled day off. Was nice to relax and get everything together for the week without having to worry about time to run.
Tues - 10.5 (67:57) met up with Derrick and did a loop with him. Then added on thru the neighborhoods. Felt relaxed and easy.
Wed- 8m (workout) did 6x4/6x2 alternating all on 200 rest. Went really well was able to run smooth and felt like I had some extra gears if I needed them. Times: 72/35/72/35/73/35/72/34/72/34/70/33 did the workout on the side road which I am starting to get used too. Looking forward to the GBTC meet this weekend.
Thurs - 9+ (62:14) nice and easy recovery run. A bit chilly out tonight but nothing to bad.
Fri - 7.5 (52:43) Really cold out tonight, we decided to just do a out and back thru the high school. Running wise everything was good the temps tho sucked I hate having to wear that much cloths to run and not freeze.
Sat - 5+ (33:09) Was a bit over dressed really didn't need the jacket or hat, wasn't really paying attention to my watch just tried to keep my breathing and form relaxed. Cruised thru the run with little effort, seems things are starting to line up.
Sun - 8m went to the GBTC track meet, pretty easy ride down in the am, planned to run the mile/800 had some hopes that I would get a break thru race didn't quite happen. Ended up 4:48 for the mile just didn't have that confidence to try and run with the leaders. The 800 was a bit of. A rush I expected to have the invite then at least one open heat before me. Ended up just being one open heat, I was one of the last seeds and knew I would get pulled out fast. Which was a bit of a confidence boost to get out fast and not die to bad.

Not sure when the next race will be with the restrictions on the next few meets maybe Dartmouth or I will hold off till the USATF meet.

Total - 49 miles
The next few weeks I gotta bump the miles a bit and keep doing the speed work.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/7 - 1/13

Mon- 0 scheduled day off. After a long day at work I decided to take the day off instead of doing a shake out. Used the new mini pizza stone I received over Christmas. And made a spinach and kale pizza. The pizza was great pizza stone 1 use only I guess.
Tues - 10m (68:18) met up with Derrick at 6pm (he is coming back from a hip injury , modified loop to keep his miles lower. Then added on to get the full distance. Had a quick snack then to PF for some lifting
Wed- 8m another longer day at work lead to me not getting out the door till 7pm for my workout. I made the trip to par del rip (a back road) to do the planned 4x2/2x4/1x8/2x4/4x2 workout. With it being on the road and at night we use the side streets as markers which make some of the reps a bit longer. One would thing no big deal but trying to rip a 200 and having to go 7-8 seconds longer just plan sucks!!! The times are converted to meet the planned workout 33/34/34/35/73/71/231/70/73/33/34/34/34. Overall not a bad workout I was a bit over dressed but happy I got the work in.
Thurs - 7m (45:32) was a weird day after lunch today I became extremely tired. Got home just after 5, decided to lay down for a min...woke up at 640 and had the light not been on I probably wouldn't have got up.
Fri- 8.5 (54:53) was supposed to be a 20min tempo in the middle. Due to rain and slippery roads we decided to bag the tempo and just run. Surprisingly was able to cruise where the roads were clear.
Sat- 8.5 (track workout) 8x400 full rest went pretty good. Legs were a bit tight from minimal stretching yesterday. Times: 69/73/70/72/71/72/70/71
Seemed to not be able to roll as much in one direction as I could the other, was a bit stranger but never the less got it done.
Sun - 16m (1:54:30) Went down to Albany and ran around while people were doing the winter series, ran the first 10k with Andrew McCarthy. I took a quick bathroom break before going back out did a mile or so with Rich and Shaun, headed back out to do a loop on the course caught up to some people and ran with someone from utopia it was pretty cool we talked about the mountain racing scene. With 2 miles to go I picked it up to catch a co-worker and help him finish up, I could see him in the distance and he was checking the watch a lot. Usually a sign of hurting caught up and ran the like 1-1.5 to the finish to close out the day.

Total - 57m (6days)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

12/31 - 1/6

Mon - 10.2 (70:20) Up over beach hill, pretty relaxed run was really nice to go and get some hills in during the run.
Tues - 5m plus strides, forgot my watch at the house and just wanted to get in something and recover from the previous night.
Wed - 10m (3x1000) 5min rest. Mapped out a loop in the neighborhoods to try and hind from the wind and traffic, was pretty chilly out tonight (15) got in a solid warm-up and strides before jumping into the workout. Eric picked me up in the final 400 of each set to help me finish up. Times were 304/259/300. pretty good confidence booster going into the reggie meet this weekend.
Thurs - 8m (57:19) A lot of back and forth while watching Eric do his workout. keep it really easy with some random pick-ups to help Eric in parts of his workout. Another cold one out today and taking it easy until the meet this weekend.
Fri - 5+ (36:45) Nice and easy shakeout run. Was pretty nice out compared the weather lately.
Sat - 6m Reggie meet (mile -447) was supposed to do the mile/800 double. The mile was ok SB but got caught in no mans land..I know how in a mile. Oh well be better at the next one. The 800 was a mess checked in before a short jog, went to get my hip number for the heat and there was no heat sheet. I asked the official who only had the response of No. I was a bit confused but the lack of effort to help someone. He then was very rude to the GBTC coach which was even more confusing as we asked simple questions. By the time the 2nd heat was off I was still looking for a heat sheet and decided it just wasn't going to happen. Unfortunate that some people are like that.
Sun- am 7m (47:19) with KSC boys
Pm - 3m (21:02)

Total- 54m

Stopped off and chatted with Wilson for a bit. Always good to get some motivation for the up coming weeks. Also started a new regiment for my vitamin intake and ran it by Wilson and Pete. Seems this is fixing what I was missing in 1 week went from 147(ouch) to 141 going in the right direction!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap

This past year has been interesting to say the least, had by far one of my best training years to date. Wish I could say the same about racing some things just didn't seem to line up but was able to finally make it to the marathon it was a awesome experience to run the marathon. As the year wrapped up I decided to change some things up and rejoin CMS, it was a pretty simple choice once a weighed the options. This has been the first year in sometime that I wasn't able to crack any PRs which made for some hard times training and keeping the motivation up. Looking forward to 2013 I know there is still a lot of work to be done to get back where I was. Currently I working on one of my weakest points which is my speed, this has been a eye opener this winter but also is going to make the road season go better.

My Goals for 2013:
1) Stay Health
2) sub 4:40 mile
3) sub 2:40 Marathon

I will also be racing the NE grand Prix Series this summer and will be looking to chase some Pr's and try to get faster.

12/24 - 12/31

Mon - 0m
Tues - 0m
Wed - 5+ (35:06) legs felt like junk from 2 days off
Thurs - 7m (52:29) a bit long but felt a lot better then yesterday
Fri - 0m travel to Keene
Sat - 11m at BU mini Meet
Sun - 7m at Keene Gym

Total - 40m

Not a great week, was really lacking motivation this week but felt really good at the mini meet. No worries time to refocus for the upcoming week.