Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Mon- 7m (49:02) legs felt surprisingly good
Tues - 7m (44:56) 3x30/60/90 legs a bit heavy but was able to change gears pretty well
Wed - 5.4m (39:14) Nice and easy with Derrick and Eric
Thurs - 7m (4x800) half rest (2:32/2:33/2:33/2:38) got out to slow on the last one and just don't have that turn over to make up for it. Was supposed to do 200's after but felt shot.
Fri- 4+ (35:00) nice easy morning run
Sat - 7m - danran 5k plan was to pace Renee thru 2 and try to close..legs felt like junk on the warm up and nothing changed when the race started..shut it down at the mile and jogged in..18:14 was pretty surprised considering how easy I was running.
Sun - 7+m (46:13) felt really relaxed. The 2nd half of the run was mostly downhill and flat which made up for alot of time

Total - 45m

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  1. Guess who's back! Glad your after it again.