Monday, August 26, 2013

8/26 - 9/1

Mon - 9m (1:00:16) Luther forest trails w/ Shaun and Eric. legs felt a bit tired
Tues - am 5.25 (40:18) w/Renee
pm - 3m (22:07)
Wed - am 5.25 (37:50)
Pm - 2.85 (17:27) 
Thurs - 0 
Fri - 3+ (22:30) 
Sat - 9m (KSC alumni race 18:11) pretty happy with the results. Only 30 secs back from last year and was in much better shape then. 
Sun - 11m (76:00) with Brandon - went to the pisgah state park, we planned for 45-60 mins it was pretty got before we started. Got turned around in some trails until I noticed signs that would send us towards Hammetts house. Popped out there and swung by the house to see if he was home. Decided to run the roads back so we wouldn't get lost again..nice 2m climb back to the car.

Total- 48m with 1 good race

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