Monday, August 5, 2013

Run 4 Kerri

8/4 - was the run for Kerri 4m in RI, traveled down the night prior to stay in RI and be closer to the race. We arrived at 645 for the 9 am start relaxed in the school with Matt and Jill. Went for a nice 2m warm up at 8:15 before heading back to the "elite" area. I had my race plan in mind hoping it would play out that way, considering this was only my 10th day of running since the beginning of July. We were out to the line about 10 mins before the gun, ran into Jonny Hammett before the start which was cool to see more people I know and catch up. I tucked into the 4th row for the start the plan was to try and run 530s for as long as possible. The first mile was smooth and relaxed as I was tucked into a nice group, thru the mile 524 everything felt good and the Achilles was not noticeable at all (good sign) over the next mile I continued to remind myself to stay in the group and wait to try and push. This worked well for a bit until the top women went by and some of the guys took off with her. Over the 2nd mile things felt good split 535.
The third mile things started to fall off the pace slipped and I came thru 3 in 16:57. After a short hill to 3 my legs felt shot, and people were going right by. At about 3.5 I noticed one of the elites coming by and made a push to go, to my surprise there was some response from my legs (not enough to run anyone down but some) I finished up 25th in 22:57 I was very happy with this race considering I had been hurt and not in the best shape.

Afterward we went to Scott's parents for a cookout before hitting the road back to NY...this is definitely a race I will do again next year and urge people to go..well organized and great place to run fast.


  1. Nice race, Goup! Glad to see you back blogging. Time to gear up for Alumni!

  2. yea man decided to bring it back..just getting back from the achilles acting up.