Monday, October 31, 2011


Mon- 7m (46:00)
Tues- Am 2m (13:49)
Pm 11m (1:10:49)
Wed- Pm 9m (workout) 2x1k/8/6/4/2 (Recovery 4/4/2/2/1)
3:12/3:09/2:33/2:36/1:54/1:56/74/74/36/32....Good workout had a great group to latch on too, was supposed to start at 5k pace and work down. Might have been a bit fast for the 1k's but it felt good to be in a group like that.
Thurs- Am 4m (28:12)
Fri- 3m (21:01)
Sat- 8m (5k road race 17:48...first race in 2 months had no pop in my legs but breathing felt good. It's a starting point
Sun-9m (no time) in Dover. Just wanted to cover the distance, felt sluggish to start but attacked the hills just to turn over.

Total-53m had 1 good workout and a ok race. Next week will be a easier week with the first team race on the schedule. Hope to have some pop when we hit the line next sunday

Monday, October 24, 2011


Mon- AM 3m (20:48)
PM 7m (44:59) last 1.5 8:03 (5:21pace)
Tues- Am 3m (20:49)
Pm 5m (32:43)
Wed Pm 9m (workout)
6x1000 (400 recovery) 3:17/3:18/3:16/3:18/3:22/3:09....Overall happy with the workout not happy with the 5th didn't go with Josh when he surged. bounced back on the last rep. Good Day
Thurs- Am 2m (14:19)
Pm 5m (35:19) Strides
Fri - Pm 10m (1:03:43)
Sat- 0
Sun- 13m (1:34:57) w/ Matt

Total- 57 (6 days)

Felt good this week, good workout and another long run. Looking to stay around 60-65 these next 2 weeks leading into stock-ad-athon

Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17 - 10/23

Mon- Am 2m (13:23)
Pm 5m (31:14)
Tues- Am 0 (didn't sleep well)
Pm 5m (33:16)
Wed- 7m - Workout 4x800 (tempo,10k,5k,3k) (Rest: 100,200,300) 3min recovery 2m same paces
This was a tough workout, I felt really good till the final 800 of the 2m fell of a bit. Happy with the workout, beginning to feel strong. Times (2:49,2:41,2:40,2:38) Recovery (30,104,143) 2m (10:51) Splits 5:19/5:32
Thurs- Am 2m (14:14)
Pm 10m (1:06:02) w/ Derrick
Sat- Am 8m (58:04) W/ Hammett, Fyffe, Ferenc, Boj and Matty P
Sun- Am 12m (1:19:36) W/ Najem, Matty P and Miller

Total- 51m (6days) Good week happy with the miles. 1 good workout and solid long run with Najem, Matty P and Miller avg 6:40 pace in Rindge Nh pretty hill place.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Mon- AM 2m (13:41) no pain
Pm 3m (18:32) 9:40 out, 8:52 back
Tues- AM 2m (13:14)
Pm 3m (23:44) Rpi Xc course with Shaun
Wed- Pm 10m (1 x mile striding straights, 3x mile @ threshold, 1x mile striding straights (45sec recovery)
6:57/5:30/5:33/5:30/7:00. Good workout didn't have any issues with my shin so good test, taking tomorrow and friday easy before keene.
Thurs- 5m (32:34) So i might have lied saying I was going to take it easy...but it felt easy and I felt smooth so I'm happy.
Fri- 0
Sat- Am 7m (52:53) with Sontag. On rail bed in Keene
Sun- 10m (1:08:47) with Boj. On rail bed tried to help him with his workout he was crushing it


Good first week shin feels good. Had a good workout Wednesday and good mileage for 6 days

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As some of you have noticed I ended up getting injured again. This time nothing to serious, I had been feeling pain in my shin and was nervous that it could be a stress fracture. After 2 visits with the doctor he described it as a strain of the tendons from about my ankle to mid shin. With that the only recovery was stretch and rest. As of 10/3/2011 I agreed to pull out of CCM, for now i am finishing up my two weeks off and going to try and resume training on Monday. I am a bit disappointed about yet again missing the marathon, the big difference is last year I felt i was in good shape this year not as much so it was a bit easier to handle. As for racing I don't know when I will race again I am going to wait it out and see. Till then I plan on rebuilding my mileage and get back to weekly track work in hopes to race a few indoor meets this year.