Monday, October 10, 2011


Mon- AM 2m (13:41) no pain
Pm 3m (18:32) 9:40 out, 8:52 back
Tues- AM 2m (13:14)
Pm 3m (23:44) Rpi Xc course with Shaun
Wed- Pm 10m (1 x mile striding straights, 3x mile @ threshold, 1x mile striding straights (45sec recovery)
6:57/5:30/5:33/5:30/7:00. Good workout didn't have any issues with my shin so good test, taking tomorrow and friday easy before keene.
Thurs- 5m (32:34) So i might have lied saying I was going to take it easy...but it felt easy and I felt smooth so I'm happy.
Fri- 0
Sat- Am 7m (52:53) with Sontag. On rail bed in Keene
Sun- 10m (1:08:47) with Boj. On rail bed tried to help him with his workout he was crushing it


Good first week shin feels good. Had a good workout Wednesday and good mileage for 6 days

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