Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17 - 10/23

Mon- Am 2m (13:23)
Pm 5m (31:14)
Tues- Am 0 (didn't sleep well)
Pm 5m (33:16)
Wed- 7m - Workout 4x800 (tempo,10k,5k,3k) (Rest: 100,200,300) 3min recovery 2m same paces
This was a tough workout, I felt really good till the final 800 of the 2m fell of a bit. Happy with the workout, beginning to feel strong. Times (2:49,2:41,2:40,2:38) Recovery (30,104,143) 2m (10:51) Splits 5:19/5:32
Thurs- Am 2m (14:14)
Pm 10m (1:06:02) w/ Derrick
Sat- Am 8m (58:04) W/ Hammett, Fyffe, Ferenc, Boj and Matty P
Sun- Am 12m (1:19:36) W/ Najem, Matty P and Miller

Total- 51m (6days) Good week happy with the miles. 1 good workout and solid long run with Najem, Matty P and Miller avg 6:40 pace in Rindge Nh pretty hill place.

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