Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As some of you have noticed I ended up getting injured again. This time nothing to serious, I had been feeling pain in my shin and was nervous that it could be a stress fracture. After 2 visits with the doctor he described it as a strain of the tendons from about my ankle to mid shin. With that the only recovery was stretch and rest. As of 10/3/2011 I agreed to pull out of CCM, for now i am finishing up my two weeks off and going to try and resume training on Monday. I am a bit disappointed about yet again missing the marathon, the big difference is last year I felt i was in good shape this year not as much so it was a bit easier to handle. As for racing I don't know when I will race again I am going to wait it out and see. Till then I plan on rebuilding my mileage and get back to weekly track work in hopes to race a few indoor meets this year.

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