Monday, October 31, 2011


Mon- 7m (46:00)
Tues- Am 2m (13:49)
Pm 11m (1:10:49)
Wed- Pm 9m (workout) 2x1k/8/6/4/2 (Recovery 4/4/2/2/1)
3:12/3:09/2:33/2:36/1:54/1:56/74/74/36/32....Good workout had a great group to latch on too, was supposed to start at 5k pace and work down. Might have been a bit fast for the 1k's but it felt good to be in a group like that.
Thurs- Am 4m (28:12)
Fri- 3m (21:01)
Sat- 8m (5k road race 17:48...first race in 2 months had no pop in my legs but breathing felt good. It's a starting point
Sun-9m (no time) in Dover. Just wanted to cover the distance, felt sluggish to start but attacked the hills just to turn over.

Total-53m had 1 good workout and a ok race. Next week will be a easier week with the first team race on the schedule. Hope to have some pop when we hit the line next sunday

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