Friday, January 28, 2011

Week ending 1/30

Wed- 10 workout
Thurs-7.5 51:17


Workout: 36/74/37/70/36/70/36/71

Overall: I was happy with the work out felt a bit choppy but I think that is do to not running to two days prior. Hoping this will keep my legs fresh and ready for the BU 3k.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Goal- 6x800

Workout- 4x800 (2:39/2:40/2:39/2:39) 1xmile (5:11)

Overall- I was happy with the workout. Wilson decided after the 4th 800 that it was quicker to run a mile instead of doing the last 2 800's. It worked out to be a good idea as we split 2:37/2:33 which was faster then the repeats. It was nice to get back to workouts

Friday, January 14, 2011


Tues-4 w/Haley
Wed-16 w/boj and Hammett
Fri-5 w/Haley
Sat-5m 16:25 5k: 1st overall
Sun- 15m 1:44:17 w/ Wilson,Fyffe and George

Total 45

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Instead of doing a Review of the past year I would rather look forward to this up coming racing year. I have some new goals and also some roll over ones. 1st is to stay Healthy. As for racing, 5k- sub 16, 5m- 26:30's 10m- 55 half- 1:12 and Marathon- sub 2:40. Outside of that I just want to enjoy my winter racing, been having one of my better winters and looking to translate that to the roads this summer. As for the team I want to move up the list which might be a bit harder considering we added some more strong runners. All in all I am ready to get back at the races with the team, The 1st mini meet was a reminder of how much fun it is....


Tues-7 w/Sam Wood
Wed- 9m (8x400 100m rest) (71,72,72,73,72,72,70,70)
Thurs- 5m (35:00) Beach Hill
Fri- 11m 1:18 W/ Boj an Alex
Sat- 11m 1:17 w/Boj
Sun- 5m 36:05 w/Haley


Overall- Good week. workout went well and got 2 runs over a hour