Monday, March 30, 2015

Delmar Dash

Sunday: 3/29 - this morning was the Delmar Dash 5m this race typically falls in mid April and has some good weather. This year it was moved up, the course was it good shape considering the winter and it snowing yesterday.

I arrived at 745 for the 9am start, it was a bit chilly 15 when I got there. The projected forecast was for 22-24 at the start. Shortly after 8am I hoped out for a warm up with Kevin and Rich, we decided to stay off the course an venture some different roads. Picking what to race in was a crap shoot, ended up with hat gloves and a long sleeve. Was out the door about 10mins to the start for some strides and light drills.

9:02 we were off the line, had a few stragglers getting to the line. The first 1/2m is a slight down hill, I found myself just right on the back of the lead pack and decided to hang on for the ride over the first mile. Shortly before the mile I let off the pack knowing the pace was a bit hot for me. Shaun caught up to me and we chatted about me taking off with the leaders (first time Shaun's seen me do this since my first summer in NY) hit the 1st mile 5:17.

Early in the 2nd mile Rich came by I knew we were looking for similar times I latched on and keep my focus on him to pull me through. I stuck behind Rich for the next couple miles, at this point I was running in 8th place. Right before the 4m mark Eamon pulled up next to me giving me some words of wisdom "only 6 mins of hurting left" I tried to move with the group but they were seeming to gap me. We hit 4m in 22:10, after another quater mile they were beginning to gap me. I heard a few guys behind me and was able to change gears (a little late) but felt the legs winding up. I held on to my spot (11th place) and secured a new PR 27:45 for the roads. I was very happy but at the same time knew I had some extra gears just couldn't get them out today. 

I'm sure you can say I cost myself sometime in that first mile but hell I haven't run a PR in 4 years! The confidence to get out an pull people in wasn't quite there. After today I feel much better about how my trainjng is going and look forward to the next race and workouts.

Some pictures from after the race with my fan club! And from crushing the kids race with KP!

Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23 - 3/29 no more weak shit!

Mon- 5am - 7m (56:17) Met up with Jessy and Jeff, was awesome to hear that Jeff ran a Pr at the Syracuse half this past weekend..always nice to have company on this early morning runs!

6pm - 7m (48:21) around country knolls with Macknight. Checked out where he did his workout this past weekend and tried to avoid the wind.

Tues - 415pm - 12m (workout!) the plan for today started with a slight hic-up, was supposed to get up for an easy 3 in the am..even allowed myself some extra sleep time..dumb dumb dumb! Couldn't get outta bed. 
Got out for a 3.5m warm up before switching into my lighter trainers. The plan was 5m hard effort, I checked with my consultant (Eric) on time and had the goal of mid to low 28 (and not a huge positive split. This loop has a pretty quick first 3m with only one small uphill. The 2nd have has 2 good climbs followed by some solid down hill. Almost shit a brick coming thru the mile (immediately thought I'm gonna do what Eric told me not to) 1st mile 5:26 hmm? After that I only focused on getting to the half way marker. Hit 2.5 (13:39) the next few miles I was still feeling strong and fast, over the last mile I knew it was going to be close, only a little off the first half split (13:45) for a total time of damn!! I haven't seen a time like that even in a race in years!!! Followed up with a change of shoes and a dry shirt for 3.5m cool down (and yes I was sweating enough in 35 degree weather for a shirt change! )

Wed - 5am - 6+ (51:06) met with the normal crew with the addition of Macknight. We headed into the neighborhoods, some of the group were doing a workout. Had a tough time keeping up with them today, legs were pretty sore from yesterday.

5pm - 5m (37:40) legs were better this afternoon, was planning to go further but after 3m of being pelted with hail I felt ok with 11 for the day!

Thurs- 5am - 3.5m (27:37) tried to meet KQ and Renee but we seemed to miss each other. Ended up meeting KQ at the end of her run and at the max I was looking for. Hoped a ride home instead of the 2m run back.

530pm - 9m (hills rd) got a call from Pete Thomas before heading out the door. Was good to catch up before the workout. It was 35 and raining out, planned to do 5xhills. After 4 of them I was freezing and decide to call it. 
Splits - 2:59,2:59,2:58,2:59
Felt really good on the climbs and stayed consistant, I didn't want to over do this workout with the race this weekend.

1hr massage

Fri - 430am - 9.5m (1:13:17) out the door with the normal crew. Felt good to get out and it was surprisingly warm. Legs are a bit sore from the massage but overall feeling very good!

7pm - 5m (38:08) always seem to get out late when I know I can sleep in the following day.

Sat - 9am - 3.5m (25:46) legs felt a bit stiff to start, loosened up throught the run.

430pm - 6.5m (47:58) through the neighborhoods. Very relaxed run, minus it was snowing!! Enough with this shit!

Sun - 9am - 16m (delmar dash 5m-27:45) race, warmup/ extended cooldown. Race report to follow.

415pm - 5m normal loop in neighborhoods, decided not to wear a watch and enjoy the run. Legs weren't to bad.

Summary: 95m Awesome week! 2 good workouts, 1 good race and lifetime highest weekly mileage. Very happy with this training week and to run a Pr for the first time in 4 years towards the end of my highest mileage week. Looking forward to the weeks to come

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3/16 - 3/22

Mon - 4pm - 5m (35:04) quads were toast, was pretty surprised to see the time when I finished up.

Tues - 5am - 3++ (31:20) Met up with Jessy, it was starting to rain a bit and both of us were pretty beat up. Opted for a shorter route.

6pm - 10m (74:50) went out for my Lake rd 10 loop with Gavs. It was crazy windy out, once we got off the main roads it didn't seem to bad. Legs were feeling better and continued to loosen up as we went.

Wed- 6pm - 10+ (1:10:39) had a late day at work, decided to wait for Macknight to get home then ventured out on some backroads. Found some new roads I haven't run on yet which was a nice change of pace, we lucked out for the most part and stayed out of the wind.

Thurs - 5am - 3+ (25:01) got picked up by Renee and KQ as they were finishing there run. Keep it a bit shorter this morning with the workout in the PM

6pm - 10m (1:00:59) had a progression run planned for today. Decided to wait for Macknight to do this workout. Had the realistic goal of sticking with him the first half then would be solo the 2nd half. We talked about being 32-33mins at half way on a double loop course. Long story short..that didn't happen, I noticed early I was over dressed and we were moving good. Had to find it today and dig deep (enough that I made myself sick) extremely happy with this effort.
5m Splits - 31:25 / 29:33 each 2.5m were faster then the previous.
2.5m splits - 16:10/15:15/14:53/14:40

Fri - 5am - 8m (1:05:09) with Jessy, Jen and Jeff. Nice shakeout before leaving for Atlantic City.

Sat - 8:30am - 8m (1:05:21) on the board walk in Atlantic city. Weather started in the low 30's and quickly climbed to the high 40's.

Sun - 3:15pm - 10m (1:08:40) after a long trip and not great mileage I wanted to get aomething in (even after I decided to just take it off) ran around round lake to avoid the wind.

Summary: 68m with 1 good workout. Not happy with the miles this week, traveling for a bacholers party really put a dent in what I could get. Might be for the best to get a little rest as the next couple weeks will be really getting going! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Bedford Half Marathon

Sunday: March 15, 2015 
I have done this race the past couple years as it is always well run and has good competion. This year was the first time I would be using it at my debut race of the season. I was definetly nervous but also had some confidence from my training, the goal was to try and be close to 75mins. I have run well under that in the past but today was just about getting the ball rolling, the only other goal I had was to be racing! In the past I've got so caught up with times and splits that I'll find myself pacing a race instead of laying it out there which also tends to leave me giving up if the "pace" isn't going right opposed to fighting forward.

Race: I lined up in the 2nd row and was ready to get to work, shortly after the start I found myself in a group with some local guys (John Farely, Brad Lewis and Bob Irwin) I knew we would be shooting for the same overall time and rolled with them for the first 4m. Once the down hills came I wanted to close the gap on those infront of us and use the course, the next 3-4m I was feeling confident and even checked a few splits to see mid 520-530's. Somewhere between 8-9 miles I started to feel the wheels coming off, Al Berner (cms) came by and tried to get me to go with him. I fought to change my stride and stick with him, even so he was pulling away. Around this point some of the others I was with earlier came by, my focus changed from wording about time to trying to catch back up. At the 11m mark I spotted John and wanted to catch him and try to work together. Once I closed the gap I kept pressing in an attempt for him to come with me. As I approached the final hill I kept thinking to attach it, unfortunately for me there was very little attack left in the tank. I finished up in 1:18:09 just over 4mins from my Pr. Typically I would have been some what upset with the result, the mere fact that I continued to fight and was on a good pace thru 8m I was happy about. Hell my 10m split wasn't horrible either and I was going backwards at that point!
Overall it was a good trip, would have liked to hang on a bit longer but these things happen mostly in the first couple races of the year. I know my training is going well and my fitness is coming, I need to continue to stay focused and add a few more races into my training for VCM. 

1)5:37.               6)5:40.     11)6:19
2)5:51.               7)5:28.     12)6:08
3)6:01.               8)5:54.     13)6:24
4)6:03.               9)5:59.      .1):54 (78:09)
5)5:33 (29:04)   10)6:13 (58:22)

Up next: I am still up in the air a bit, there is a local 5m at the end of the month I might jump into or I'll look for some 5ks just to get my body used to racing a bit more again.

Friday, March 13, 2015

3/9 - 3/15 race week

After a few good weeks of workouts and some pretty decent miles I'm finally ready to toe the line and kick off 2015. As I prepare for my first race of the year it's nerve racking and also relaxing to only have my training as an indicator. Along with that I've backed the miles down a tad to hopefully put a little extra pop in te legs.

Mon - 5am - 6++ (50:40) in the neighborhoods with Jessy. Legs were feeling really good which was a nice sign with 20 done yesterday.

5pm - 5+ (35:04) solo around town, was awesome to run in shorts!!

Tues - 440pm - 10m (66:07) decided to sleep in and just get a run in the afternoon. Had no plans for the run other then the mileage, I hit the halfway point and checked the split (33:45) was kinda surprised and just cruised it home.

Wed - 5am - 7+ (50:16) picked up Jessy and headed down to Wood Rd to run her workout. Got in a 2m warm up then got going, the plan was a 2m TT a bit hard to do a time trail in the dark. Even with the darkness this workout was crushed (12:11) Boom! We jogged back to the car to get just over 7m..not a bad way to start your day.

430pm - 5m (36:56) had planned to do another tempo in the Pm but got side railed with work. Had to be back at 7 which ment on the road by 6, wasn't feeling the run an needed sometime to unwind before a workout. Comically I returned from my run to a voicemail that I was no longer needed to come in. Score one for the good guys!!

Thurs - 415pm - 5+ (39:38) met Renee in clifton park for an easy run. Planned a short day today to help cut my miles down a bit. 
730pm - 1hr massage

Fri - 5am - 5+ (42:54) ran in the neighborhoods with Jessy. Was a little cool out this morning, legs and back feel good and relaxed.

5pm - 5m (35:46) in the neighborhoods solo. Felt a bit sluggish but mainly due to being over dressed.

Sat - 10am - 5m (34:53) legs feel good looking forward to tomorrow.

630pm - 3m (21:30) around New Bedford with Jessy

Sun - 11am  - 18m New Bedford half marathon. (1:18:09) race report to follow.

Summary - 76m a bit down this week with the miles but that was planned with the race. No real workout this week, and 1 decent race. Not really happy with the time but not really down about it either. 1st race of 2015 is out of the way and the focus remains on VCM!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/2 - 3/8 Spring! Right?

Mon - 5am - 5m (40:06) met Renee at the Y for our usually morning a bit of snow last night, back roads were a little messy.

540pm - 8+ (58:36) decided to wait for Macknight to get home and do a portion of his run. Was a bit windy on the open roads..really sheltered in the neighborhoods lead to being a tad over dressed.

Tues- 5am - 5m (41:31) outside!! In the neighborhoods with Eric and Derrick. I can tell I'm adjusted to the early mornings alert and able to make jokes opposed to the past 2 weeks of silence.

430pm - 7m (47:23) in town loop. Legs felt good. But for some unknown F-ing reason it was snowing out! Such bullshit I'm sick of winter!

Wed- 4pm - 10m (4xmile) half rest. Mapped out a road loop near Kevin & KQ's house. Quite roads and minimal traffic. Got in a 2.5m warm up with Kevin and the dogs, changed up and got ready to go. I had looked back to a similar workout I had done 2 weeks out from New Bedford in 2011, and had a baseline of what I wanted to do. Each rep I felt smoother and stronger, also was able to change gears when I felt the need. Very happy with this workout esp doing it solo.
Times  - 530/525/522/512

Thurs - 5am (41:18) in the neighborhoods w/ KQ and Emma bear (she's a dog) surprisingly warm out. Legs were a bit tired but no issues.

430pm - 5m (35:56) went reverse of this mornings run. Legs were feeling pretty good.

Fri - 5am- 5m (42:28) in the neighborhoods with Jessy.

515pm - 5m (33:51) got home from work and was spent. Log day of pointless arguing. Needed a while to relax before the run. 

Sat - 830am- 7.5m (49:07) initial plan was to do Karen's workout with her. I knew from the start it wasn't going to be fun, legs felt like shit. Made it threw the first 4m section and called it a day. Decided to take the rest of the day to rest.

Sun - 845am - 15m (1:48:46) went over to Burnt Hills for a hilly run with Tony, Tom and Pete. Was night and day with the legs everything felt good once again.

5pm - 5m (34:15) nice shake out in the neighborhoods with Renee, was pretty surprised how good the legs felt.

Summary- Another good week keep the miles the same at 83m for the week. Had a good workout (planned workout) and a rough day with an unplanned workout. Overall feeling good and looking forward to racing next weekend.