Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3/16 - 3/22

Mon - 4pm - 5m (35:04) quads were toast, was pretty surprised to see the time when I finished up.

Tues - 5am - 3++ (31:20) Met up with Jessy, it was starting to rain a bit and both of us were pretty beat up. Opted for a shorter route.

6pm - 10m (74:50) went out for my Lake rd 10 loop with Gavs. It was crazy windy out, once we got off the main roads it didn't seem to bad. Legs were feeling better and continued to loosen up as we went.

Wed- 6pm - 10+ (1:10:39) had a late day at work, decided to wait for Macknight to get home then ventured out on some backroads. Found some new roads I haven't run on yet which was a nice change of pace, we lucked out for the most part and stayed out of the wind.

Thurs - 5am - 3+ (25:01) got picked up by Renee and KQ as they were finishing there run. Keep it a bit shorter this morning with the workout in the PM

6pm - 10m (1:00:59) had a progression run planned for today. Decided to wait for Macknight to do this workout. Had the realistic goal of sticking with him the first half then would be solo the 2nd half. We talked about being 32-33mins at half way on a double loop course. Long story short..that didn't happen, I noticed early I was over dressed and we were moving good. Had to find it today and dig deep (enough that I made myself sick) extremely happy with this effort.
5m Splits - 31:25 / 29:33 each 2.5m were faster then the previous.
2.5m splits - 16:10/15:15/14:53/14:40

Fri - 5am - 8m (1:05:09) with Jessy, Jen and Jeff. Nice shakeout before leaving for Atlantic City.

Sat - 8:30am - 8m (1:05:21) on the board walk in Atlantic city. Weather started in the low 30's and quickly climbed to the high 40's.

Sun - 3:15pm - 10m (1:08:40) after a long trip and not great mileage I wanted to get aomething in (even after I decided to just take it off) ran around round lake to avoid the wind.

Summary: 68m with 1 good workout. Not happy with the miles this week, traveling for a bacholers party really put a dent in what I could get. Might be for the best to get a little rest as the next couple weeks will be really getting going! 

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