Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23 - 3/29 no more weak shit!

Mon- 5am - 7m (56:17) Met up with Jessy and Jeff, was awesome to hear that Jeff ran a Pr at the Syracuse half this past weekend..always nice to have company on this early morning runs!

6pm - 7m (48:21) around country knolls with Macknight. Checked out where he did his workout this past weekend and tried to avoid the wind.

Tues - 415pm - 12m (workout!) the plan for today started with a slight hic-up, was supposed to get up for an easy 3 in the am..even allowed myself some extra sleep time..dumb dumb dumb! Couldn't get outta bed. 
Got out for a 3.5m warm up before switching into my lighter trainers. The plan was 5m hard effort, I checked with my consultant (Eric) on time and had the goal of mid to low 28 (and not a huge positive split. This loop has a pretty quick first 3m with only one small uphill. The 2nd have has 2 good climbs followed by some solid down hill. Almost shit a brick coming thru the mile (immediately thought I'm gonna do what Eric told me not to) 1st mile 5:26 hmm? After that I only focused on getting to the half way marker. Hit 2.5 (13:39) the next few miles I was still feeling strong and fast, over the last mile I knew it was going to be close, only a little off the first half split (13:45) for a total time of damn!! I haven't seen a time like that even in a race in years!!! Followed up with a change of shoes and a dry shirt for 3.5m cool down (and yes I was sweating enough in 35 degree weather for a shirt change! )

Wed - 5am - 6+ (51:06) met with the normal crew with the addition of Macknight. We headed into the neighborhoods, some of the group were doing a workout. Had a tough time keeping up with them today, legs were pretty sore from yesterday.

5pm - 5m (37:40) legs were better this afternoon, was planning to go further but after 3m of being pelted with hail I felt ok with 11 for the day!

Thurs- 5am - 3.5m (27:37) tried to meet KQ and Renee but we seemed to miss each other. Ended up meeting KQ at the end of her run and at the max I was looking for. Hoped a ride home instead of the 2m run back.

530pm - 9m (hills rd) got a call from Pete Thomas before heading out the door. Was good to catch up before the workout. It was 35 and raining out, planned to do 5xhills. After 4 of them I was freezing and decide to call it. 
Splits - 2:59,2:59,2:58,2:59
Felt really good on the climbs and stayed consistant, I didn't want to over do this workout with the race this weekend.

1hr massage

Fri - 430am - 9.5m (1:13:17) out the door with the normal crew. Felt good to get out and it was surprisingly warm. Legs are a bit sore from the massage but overall feeling very good!

7pm - 5m (38:08) always seem to get out late when I know I can sleep in the following day.

Sat - 9am - 3.5m (25:46) legs felt a bit stiff to start, loosened up throught the run.

430pm - 6.5m (47:58) through the neighborhoods. Very relaxed run, minus it was snowing!! Enough with this shit!

Sun - 9am - 16m (delmar dash 5m-27:45) race, warmup/ extended cooldown. Race report to follow.

415pm - 5m normal loop in neighborhoods, decided not to wear a watch and enjoy the run. Legs weren't to bad.

Summary: 95m Awesome week! 2 good workouts, 1 good race and lifetime highest weekly mileage. Very happy with this training week and to run a Pr for the first time in 4 years towards the end of my highest mileage week. Looking forward to the weeks to come

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