Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/2 - 3/8 Spring! Right?

Mon - 5am - 5m (40:06) met Renee at the Y for our usually morning run..got a bit of snow last night, back roads were a little messy.

540pm - 8+ (58:36) decided to wait for Macknight to get home and do a portion of his run. Was a bit windy on the open roads..really sheltered in the neighborhoods lead to being a tad over dressed.

Tues- 5am - 5m (41:31) outside!! In the neighborhoods with Eric and Derrick. I can tell I'm adjusted to the early mornings alert and able to make jokes opposed to the past 2 weeks of silence.

430pm - 7m (47:23) in town loop. Legs felt good. But for some unknown F-ing reason it was snowing out! Such bullshit I'm sick of winter!

Wed- 4pm - 10m (4xmile) half rest. Mapped out a road loop near Kevin & KQ's house. Quite roads and minimal traffic. Got in a 2.5m warm up with Kevin and the dogs, changed up and got ready to go. I had looked back to a similar workout I had done 2 weeks out from New Bedford in 2011, and had a baseline of what I wanted to do. Each rep I felt smoother and stronger, also was able to change gears when I felt the need. Very happy with this workout esp doing it solo.
Times  - 530/525/522/512

Thurs - 5am (41:18) in the neighborhoods w/ KQ and Emma bear (she's a dog) surprisingly warm out. Legs were a bit tired but no issues.

430pm - 5m (35:56) went reverse of this mornings run. Legs were feeling pretty good.

Fri - 5am- 5m (42:28) in the neighborhoods with Jessy.

515pm - 5m (33:51) got home from work and was spent. Log day of pointless arguing. Needed a while to relax before the run. 

Sat - 830am- 7.5m (49:07) initial plan was to do Karen's workout with her. I knew from the start it wasn't going to be fun, legs felt like shit. Made it threw the first 4m section and called it a day. Decided to take the rest of the day to rest.

Sun - 845am - 15m (1:48:46) went over to Burnt Hills for a hilly run with Tony, Tom and Pete. Was night and day with the legs everything felt good once again.

5pm - 5m (34:15) nice shake out in the neighborhoods with Renee, was pretty surprised how good the legs felt.

Summary- Another good week keep the miles the same at 83m for the week. Had a good workout (planned workout) and a rough day with an unplanned workout. Overall feeling good and looking forward to racing next weekend.

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