Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23 - 3/1 adjustment phase

Last week I started to get consistant with the morning runs. This is taking a bit to adjust to! I know it's necessary as anytime I have had a break through running those periods had heavy doses of doubling.

Mon - 5:05am - 5m (40:05) was pretty sluggish getting up this morning. Seemed to be in slow motion until I realized I was running late. When I arrived to the treadmills this morning I was greeted by jokes of my clashing colors..didn't think much of it when I grabbed my gear this morning bright red shorts bright orange shirt..made for a good laugh with the slow starting morning.

4:15pm - 7m (48:45) legs were a bit sluggish this afternoon but expected with the bump up in miles and the frequency of the treadmill runs. Afterwards went home did some extra stretching and used the foam roller!

Tues - 5:05am - 5m (38:46) what a day can make felt much better, looking forward to this afternoons workout! 

4pm - 7m (44:26) workout was planned for a progression run. Was able to start out just under 7min pace and worked down, over the last mile I continued to bring it down each quarter until I was running low 5min pace (5:18). I was pleased with how this workout went  espically with the mid run decision to crank it down a bit more.

Wed - 6pm - 8+ (1:02:04) for the moment I am using Wednesday my "sleep in" morning. Ended up at work late for some training, today was the first struggle I've had getting out the door. Once I was out it was all systems go and was re-energized for the run.

Thurs - 5am - 5m (40:05) normal morning at the gym chatted with Renee while getting in some miles on the treadmill.

4pm - 5m (34:04) Met Renee at the gym for a 2nd run. It was definitely warm enough to run outside this afternoon, we had already planned the run so we stuck to the plan. Felt good to play with the pace over the run.

Fri - 5am - 5m (39:54) started out as a planned run with a group. That slowly changed, Renee's daughter woke up sick which cancelled Renee out. Eric slept in a bit, thankfully i invited Jessy so I had no excuse to not get up. We were out the door for a nice morning run on the roads! Can't wait for spring!!

4:45pm- 5m (34:04) @ YMCA with Renee

Sat - 830am - 3+ (NT) fairly warm out. Solo on sweet rd (actual name) 

2pm - 8++ (3xhills rd) met up with Renee to head over for the workout. Was pretty warm out (25) got out a little quick on the first one and payed the price shortly afterwards. (2:56/2:58/3:02)

Sun - 10am - 17m (1:58:25) went down to albany and ran on the winter marathon course. First 12m were with Pete, a little quicker then I planned to run but worked out.

Summary - 83m another good week, legs are still feeling pretty good looking forward to some warmer weather! Had 1 good workout and 1 ok workout (was good to have a little struggle on the hills helps to keep focused.

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