Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/9 - 2/15

Mon - 5:30pm - 7m (track workout) met up with Lozier at the UA track, decided to do 2x1k 4x400 at perceived VO2 max. Guessed I am in roughly 17:00 5k shape. Got in a 2m warm up indoors before changing to flats for the workout. Everything felt 100x better this go around. I'm still not certain where all the splits are for the track (180m) but felt I was running right near that brink. 
Goal - 3:13-3:15 , 75 and under.
Results 3:15/3:15/74/75/74/70
Very happy with this workout. Was able to stay smooth and also change gears when I wanted to. 

Tues - 4:40pm - 10m (71:11) got out right after work for an easy run. Legs were feeling good after yesterday's workout.

Wed - 5:15am - 4.5m (35:56) met up with Jessy, was supposed to do her warm up loop but with the conditions we changed her workout to indoors.

Pm - 7:00pm - 5m (36:36) roads were a bit slippery tonight but otherwise felt good. Got to try a pair of recovery legs after the run as well, they are pretty sweet!!

Thurs - 4:30pm - 5+ (36:49) legs felt like jello. Got home and was waiting for Macknight to get back for a 2nd run. Ended up asleep on the couch and to lazy to get back out.

Fri - 4:30pm - 6m (41:00) went to vent fitness to use the treadmill. Wasn't having any part of it today. Legs felt like shit and my head was killing me.

Sat- 6:30am - 8m (57:36) met Renee at the Y for another treadmill run. Felt much better and enjoyed the run looking outdoors.

1pm - 5m (35:15) wanted to get outdoors and this was a perfect opportunity. Didn't look at the weather which was a mistake. Was a bit overdressed but other wise glad for some fresh air.

Sun- 8am - 10m (1:15:46) split my time between the treadmill and indoor track. I am thinking of getting a membership for this gym. Use of weights a pool and of course some basketball courts! 

Summary - 61m a bit lazy on a few days and no long run. Had 1 good workout and wasn't able to get to the 2nd with the weather..I did play in the snow for a couple hours..it's like a workout. With 4 more weeks till my first race I'm looking forward to getting back to work.

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