Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2/2 - 2/8

Mon- snow storm, tried to wait it out. Tried to go to the gym for a run but was closed.

Tues - 5:30pm - 8m (track workout) joined a few guys at the indoor track and tagged alone for portions of their workout. Ended up with 1x1k(3:10), 3x400(75), 4x200(33) - had extended rest on all sets. Was nice to get a workout in, was a huge shock to the system. 

Wed- 8:45am - 7m (50:54) legs were pretty sore this morning. Thankfully working a split shift and got a little extra sleep and a day light run. Hoping it's not to cold tonight and I can sneak in a 2nd run.

8pm - 3+ (25:38) was surprisingly warm out around 30. Legs felt pretty good, this was a nice way to end the day. 

Thurs - 6:15pm - 8m (65:30) met up with the group in Albany for a run. Was a tad chilly out. Always nice to get these recovery runs in with a large group.

Fri- 8:30am - 5m (35:43) waited as long as I could for the temps to come above freezing. No dice!

8:45pm - 5m (36:30) had to work late and was lucky Derrick also was working late, met up for an easy 2nd run. No rest for the wicked!

Sat - 10am - 10m (hill repeats) headed over to Hill rd (ironic huh?) for some hill repeats. The hill itself has a short steep start then quickly changes to a gradual climb with a short section into a neighborhood to finish out. The plan was 4x 1/2m repeats. Had some confidence going into this workout from Tuesday. Felt strong and smooth on the climbs, was able to increase the pace slightly each rep and had minimal soreness in my hip flexor.
Splits - 3:02/2:59/2:58/2:56

Sun - 11:30am - 13m (1:37:05) had mapped out a 17m loop last night with the intention to run said loop. Checked the weather and it didn't look to bad. The first 4-5m I thought I might have over dressed was breaking a sweat. Once I made the turn for Ballston Spa that changed quickly, the next 5m were into a head wind and getting blasted with snow. By the time I made my turn on outlet road I was frozen and had enough, the roads were now covered and I was slipping every where. Decided to pull the plug and head home.

Summary: Total 59m (6days) not the best week of miles, had 2 good harder effect days and my hip flexor seems to be getting better. Still acts up on the long runs. Will most likely push my start to the racing season out a bit. Starting to think with the leg not 100% the Jones 10m might do more harm then good.

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