Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ladder from hell

Work out- 200/400/600/800/1600/800/600/400/200

Rest- 200 after 1st 2/4/6..400 after 8/16/8/6/4/2

Results - 39/78/1:57/2:38/5:35/2:44/2:07/76/32

Overall: tough workout really started to feel the short rest on the mile. I want to revisit this workout later in the fall. Also first time in a while i bonked on the cool down.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Mon- Am 2m (13:46)
Pm 7m (Wilton Wildlife 5k 18:31 2nd place) (5:52,6:02,6:03,:32)
Tues- Am lift
Pm 10m (1:14:21)
Wed- pm 10m (workout)
Thurs- 13m (1:19:26) In flats..forgot my trainers
Fri- 0
Sat- am 8m- Great escape 5k (3.5) ok race took a lot of wrong turns there were maybe 10 people on the course and didn't seem they were to sure were everyone was supposed to go. finished in 19:17 1st place...these things always seem to happen when i got to a 1st time race...oh well it was a cool idea to race around a amusement park.
Sun- Am 11m - 1:21:22 w/ Jeff @ the battle place to run lots of ups and downs

Monday, July 18, 2011


Mon- 11m (1:17:18) First 7 w/Jen
Tues- Am 3m
Pm 6m (42:00) Didn't realize there was a concert at the places to run
Wed-8m (4x800,4x400) 95 out....250/254/257/251/81/77/80/69
Really hot on the track, decided to keep it easy and not put a lot of energy into the workout.
Thurs- 6m w/chance


Monday, July 11, 2011


Mon- 8m ( Wilton wildlife trail 5k 18:57) Very hot out went out controlled with Shaun hit the first mile 6:10-6:15 picked it up over the next two..solid tempo
Tues- 5m (very hot out)
Wed- 9m ( 2m warm-up 4 x mile 2min recovery) supposed to be at tempo pace...that didn't really happen
(5:59,5:48,5:33,5:24) 3+ cool down..felt good starting to feel good again
Thurs- Am 3m 21:36
Pm 7m 46:57
Fri- 0
Sat- 5m
Sun- 10m (DNF @ stowe)

Total- 47m

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 on the 4th

Today we ran the 4 on the 4th in Keene, a group of 12-15 of us went out for a warm up looking at the crew I knew this was gonna be a fast race. After the warm up we all headed to the truck to change shoes on the way to the start 1 more fast person showed up, the race had the feel of a GP race. Right as the race started the entire group from the warm-up formed into the lead pack, we cruised in a pack to the mile I didn't wear a watch so I didn't get splits all i cared about was hanging on. After the mile the front guys started to pull ahead I tucked in behind Thomas and Ryan. I followed them till about 2 miles when George went by me I tried to latch on to him at about 2.5 miles it was me, George and Ryan B all pushing together we hit 3 miles around 15:45. George made a hard push and we tried to to cover over the next half mile we tried to catch back up with George by each putting in surges to try and make up the ground, we started to gain ground until about .5 left were Pete was standing and George re-opened the gap. I tried to battle Ryan to the finish but he was able to close a bit faster then me and I know Thomas was still around so I knew there was no chance to let up. I ended up crossing in 20:59 a 16 sec pr and 1 sec ahead of Thomas, so my thought of him being close was pretty correct. Overall it was a great day everyone ran really good and its always fun to run a fast race with a great group of friends. Afterwards we all went to Hammett's to bbq play wiff and swim.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Mon- 9m (4 on the 4th 20:59)
Tues- 0 (long day @ work)
Wed-8m ( fartleak over 3.8m 2 loops of 1.9 first loop min on min off 2nd 2min on min off) Total time 21:23 legs were tired
Thurs- 7m 47m
Sat-9m (Team teagens 5k 17:21 might have been long...we passed the lead bike before the mile
Sun- 13m 1:30:28 w/Jeff

Total- 46m

Gotta get my miles back up, waiting for stowe before i make any changes...after stowe I want to start to change over to marathon mode..good race monday the rest of the week i was tired.