Monday, July 4, 2011


Mon- 9m (4 on the 4th 20:59)
Tues- 0 (long day @ work)
Wed-8m ( fartleak over 3.8m 2 loops of 1.9 first loop min on min off 2nd 2min on min off) Total time 21:23 legs were tired
Thurs- 7m 47m
Sat-9m (Team teagens 5k 17:21 might have been long...we passed the lead bike before the mile
Sun- 13m 1:30:28 w/Jeff

Total- 46m

Gotta get my miles back up, waiting for stowe before i make any changes...after stowe I want to start to change over to marathon mode..good race monday the rest of the week i was tired.

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