Monday, July 25, 2011


Mon- Am 2m (13:46)
Pm 7m (Wilton Wildlife 5k 18:31 2nd place) (5:52,6:02,6:03,:32)
Tues- Am lift
Pm 10m (1:14:21)
Wed- pm 10m (workout)
Thurs- 13m (1:19:26) In flats..forgot my trainers
Fri- 0
Sat- am 8m- Great escape 5k (3.5) ok race took a lot of wrong turns there were maybe 10 people on the course and didn't seem they were to sure were everyone was supposed to go. finished in 19:17 1st place...these things always seem to happen when i got to a 1st time race...oh well it was a cool idea to race around a amusement park.
Sun- Am 11m - 1:21:22 w/ Jeff @ the battle place to run lots of ups and downs

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