Monday, November 29, 2010


Mon- Am Stretch
Tues- Am 7m+ 48:40
Wed- 9m (track)
Thurs- 0m
Fri- 5m 35:24
Sat 11m (5k-16:14 @ reggie)
Sun-14m 1:36:28 w/ Hammett,Fyffe, George adams, Eric, Ferenc,Boj, wilson

Total- 46m

Overall- Good workout and surprising race. I thought going in at 16:20 might be a stretch but I guess my fitness is better then I thought

Monday, November 22, 2010


Mon- 7.5m 45:47 Tempo (6:06 pace)
Tues-5m 33:00
Wed-6m 41:21
Thurs- 6m workout cut back miles (6:00,5:37,5:20) 17:23 5k
Sat-12m w/ Josh, Fyffe and George Adams
Sun- 12m w/Josh,Fyffe,Wilson and George Adams


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Goal- 1st set-10k pace. 2nd-5k pace. 3rd 3k pace

Results- 3:59/2:44/80

Overall- Didn't quite get the times I wanted but still a good workout and moving in the right direction.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Mon- 5m Robin Hood park 34:11
Tues- 7.5m 50:10 In-town loop
Wed- Am 3m 21:46 w/Thomas
PM 13m (workout)
Thurs- 5.5m 39:49
Fri- 0
Sat- 8m (Milford 5k) 16:56 2nd- Good race the first mile of the course was downhill and flat with a steep climb in the second mile and a quick drop. The third mile was flat and back up hill for the final .5m. Tried to stay relaxed and not go out to hard, Felt smooth most of the race Pat Ard Won in 16:11 he made a move at the mile and built a good lead on the climb which I never recovered from.

6:16 (1.1)
Sun- 5m

Total- 47

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Mon- 0 (@ work till 6am)
Tues- 7m 49:46 (Beach hill down to robin hood cemetery home)
Wed- 10m 65:36 (hilly goose)
Thurs- 4m w/Haley
Fri- 10m 71:10 Pisgha W/Ferenc Hammett boj and the girls
Sat- 10m 69:16 Rail bed W/boj
Sun- 11m- Magic Mountain 5m- 29:35 (4th) Not a great race but not terrible for how the course was very hilly and challenging. Felt I held back in certain areas were I should have let rip a bit more and struggled on the climbing. Overall it was good work and I knew from the start that I was gonna have trouble with the climbs as I haven't been doing much climbing lately.

Total- 52m(6days) Ok week its been a bit hard to find the balance with training and work but I think I can handle 60-65 with the long hours.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Workout- 400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400 (half rest)

Results- 80/2:38/3:55/5:05/3:53/2:29/71

Overall- Felt really relaxed during the work out, It was myself Boj and George Stevens (former teammate) I was also happy that the total time for the workout was 36:30 with rest included so we never let the rest slack.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Mon- 7m 51:08 Beach Hill
Tues- 7m 44:41 Robin Hood Park
Wed- Am 3m Robin hood 20:55
Pm 12m (workout)
Thurs- 7m 53:15 Beach Hill
Fri- am 5m 32:48
Pm 5m 33:49 W/ George
Sat- 9m (Race 5k 16:43)
Sun- 11m 1:14:44 w/ Wilson