Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Mon- 0 (@ work till 6am)
Tues- 7m 49:46 (Beach hill down to robin hood cemetery home)
Wed- 10m 65:36 (hilly goose)
Thurs- 4m w/Haley
Fri- 10m 71:10 Pisgha W/Ferenc Hammett boj and the girls
Sat- 10m 69:16 Rail bed W/boj
Sun- 11m- Magic Mountain 5m- 29:35 (4th) Not a great race but not terrible for how the course was very hilly and challenging. Felt I held back in certain areas were I should have let rip a bit more and struggled on the climbing. Overall it was good work and I knew from the start that I was gonna have trouble with the climbs as I haven't been doing much climbing lately.

Total- 52m(6days) Ok week its been a bit hard to find the balance with training and work but I think I can handle 60-65 with the long hours.

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