Monday, November 15, 2010


Mon- 5m Robin Hood park 34:11
Tues- 7.5m 50:10 In-town loop
Wed- Am 3m 21:46 w/Thomas
PM 13m (workout)
Thurs- 5.5m 39:49
Fri- 0
Sat- 8m (Milford 5k) 16:56 2nd- Good race the first mile of the course was downhill and flat with a steep climb in the second mile and a quick drop. The third mile was flat and back up hill for the final .5m. Tried to stay relaxed and not go out to hard, Felt smooth most of the race Pat Ard Won in 16:11 he made a move at the mile and built a good lead on the climb which I never recovered from.

6:16 (1.1)
Sun- 5m

Total- 47

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