Monday, November 29, 2010


Mon- Am Stretch
Tues- Am 7m+ 48:40
Wed- 9m (track)
Thurs- 0m
Fri- 5m 35:24
Sat 11m (5k-16:14 @ reggie)
Sun-14m 1:36:28 w/ Hammett,Fyffe, George adams, Eric, Ferenc,Boj, wilson

Total- 46m

Overall- Good workout and surprising race. I thought going in at 16:20 might be a stretch but I guess my fitness is better then I thought


  1. Nice race at Reggie! That was a fast field. You got to feel good about your fitness.

  2. Thanks man. Ya I am happy that I have this type of fitness considering my lack of miles. Hoping to keep it rolling for the winter and gear up for a spring marathon.